Looks like even after the many nerfs in the last year, Chrono's popularity has not been reduced at all. He is still one of the most used characters in the pro tier, and according to TSG Ritik, almost everyone is using him. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 4 reasons Chrono is still popular in Free Fire pro matches.

1. Users can fire through their own shield

In most games, shields are defensive skills that increase survivability in exchange for offensive power. However, Chrono's shield does not have that drawback. Players inside the shield can just fire outside as much as they want, without any restriction at all.

Chrono Aggressive playstyle
Aggressive play with Chrono is actually really easy.

With the shield's high HP, it is impossible for players to destroy it in time and still have ammo. When opponents pop their shield in combat, you need to either pop your own, wall up or run into cover and hide. If you can't find cover in time, it would be an easy kill.

2. Overpowered in the last circle

The final circle is the biggest challenge a squad needs to face in the game. They have to go against fully geared enemies in close combat while escaping the ever-dwindling safe zone. In close quarter fights like this, the side that has Chrono's shield would get a massive advantage.

Chrono Vs Skyler
Chrono is still the strongest character in the game, despite all the nerfs.

Multiple players can take cover in a single shield and enjoy its bonuses. This allows users to pull out clutch plays like helping teammates up while shielding.

3. Chrono's shield has no restriction or cost

A lot of strong skills in Free Fire have restrictions placed on them such as EP cost or weapon-specific conditions. Chrono's shield, however, does not have anything like that. It can be combined with pretty much any passive in the game to create a decent to good skill build. Other characters such as Skyler needs Gloo Walls or EP for their skills to work.

Shirou And Chrono Combination
Pop the shield and heal yourself in the middle of combat.

4. Ease of usage

Chrono's shield is super easy to use - you don't even need to aim or be considerate about timing. Just drop the shield and get inside it for the full benefit. Overall, Passives that provide healing are the best to use in combination with Chrono's shield.

Jota's skill that allows you to gain HP while shooting is the top choice. Otherwise, you can also use the new character Leon, who is going to be released for free on Booyah peak day November 20.

Garena Free Fire Cristiano Ronaldo Chrono
To improve Chrono's consistency, just use the Rockie pet to reduce his shield's cooldown.

Weapon wise, you can use pretty much anything when protected by Time turner. However, for the best result, picking up close ranged weapons is the best option. It would be super easy to clear out foes in melee fights when they can't fight back the shield at all.

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