Green Criminal Bundle is one of the rarest items in Garena Free Fire. Apart from this costume set, this game has many rare items with very low drop rates. Check out the top 5 rarest items in Free Fire here.

#1. Blue Dino

Blue Dino is one of the rarest outfit sets that have been introduced in Garena Free Fire up to now. It was introduced in the Incubator set that a lot of players want to obtain because it's really stunning. Free Fire players need to have enough required tokens to exchange for this bundle. When you equip this set, your character will look like an adorable dinosaur.

Blue Dino
Blue Dino bundle in the center.

#2. Gloo Ramp

Gloo Ramp is the rarest Gloo Wall skin in Garena Free Fire 2021. It's very hard to obtain but players are still trying to get this unique skin. It's different from other existing Gloo Wall in Free Fire now because you can climb over it. But Gloo Ramp can cover a smaller area than normal Gloo walls in this game. So, you need to use it wisely.

Gloo Ramp
Gloo Ramp is also rare.

#3. Flowers of Love Emote

Flower of Love is the rarest and most desired emote in Free Fire. You could only get this special emote from Valentine's Day-themed top-up event rewards a few years ago. In addition, it has not been reintroduced in this game yet. So, beginners in Free Fire 2021 cannot get this rare Emote. When you use this Emote, your character will kneel down on the right knee while giving a rose to another player.

Flowers Of Love Emote
Flowers of Love Emote

#4. Blue Flame Draco AK Skin

Blue Flame Draco is one of the most favorite weapon skins in Free Fire thanks to its great effects. You have recently had the chance to get this Evo skin from the Faded Wheel battle royale event. After obtaining this gun skin, you can use Dragon Scale tokens to upgrade it for a better appearance and more special effects.

Blue Flame Draco Ak Skin
Blue Flame Draco skin for AK.

#5. Hip Hop Bundle

The Hip Hop bundle is also one of the rarest items in Garena Free Fire 2021. It may not be so rare during Season 2 Elite Pass but now you cannot get this bundle until it's reintroduced. This cool costume set is also one of the most desired skins in this game.

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