Free Fire CS mode is the best game mode for fast gameplay and close combat skills. Besides, winning CS rank mode and ranking up also gives players a lot of Free Fire season rewards. Check out the best tips and tricks for Free Fire CS ranked mode here.

#1. Have Right Character Combo

To have proper skill combos for the best game results, you need to combine proper characters. There are many character combos in Free Fire CS ranked mode.

As in CS modes, you only engage in close combat, you need to choose characters with both aggressive and offensive skills. Players need to choose characters with healing abilities so that they can heal EP and HP without having to use consumables, such as DJ Alok.

Best Character Combo
Pick the best character combo with both aggressive and defensive abilities to win a CS ranked match.

#2. Select Right Weapons

Weapons' power is very important in close combat in CS ranked mode. Skilled players can still lose the game when being attacked by powerful weapons, such as M1887. Shotguns and SMGs are the best weapon choices for close combat in Free Fire CS ranked mode.

The best weapon combination for CS Ranked mode should include an assault rifle and a shotgun. You can cover both mid-range and close combat with this gun combo.

Use Smgs And Shotguns
Use SMGs and shotguns for close combat.

#3. Try To Get High Ground

The high ground often gives players good shooting angles. From high positions, you can spot enemies easier and faster than when you are on the ground. But you should watch out for snipers.

In CS ranked mode, you need a scout on the high ground to notify teammates of enemies' positions to make plans for the whole team. That scout should have great sniping skills to cover longer distances from high positions. Besides, Maro and Laura's abilities are also good for this role.

Get A High Ground
Get a high ground to scout and snipe.

#4. Block Enemies With Gloo Walls

Spamming Gloo Wall is a pro tactic in Free Fire CS ranked mode. As Clash Squad ranked matches take place in a small area, you can use Gloo Walls to block some possible paths and important access points. Then, enemies cannot rush to kill you easily. Enemies need to fire and break these walls if they want to get through. Next, you can locate them by hearing the gun sound.

These Gloo Walls are also a great cover to hide when you need to fall back for healing or reloading bullets. So, place as many Gloo Walls as possible.

Gloo Walls
Spam Gloo Walls to block enemies.

#5. Don't Rush A Head

It's a deadly mistake when rushing ahead without having information about campers, especially in a fast-paced mode like CS. Don't rush enemies in this mode. You should wait for him to lose his patience and rush you first.

Players often make mistakes when rushing and campers have more chances to win because he is more well-prepared and well-covered.

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