Free Fire is known for having a lot of new events frequently for players to join and get new skins. The latest event in Free Fire is the Winged Bones Faded Wheel, featuring 2 Grand Prizes, the Winged Bones Backpack, and the Flameborn Scythe. Let's check it out here in this article.

Winged Bones Faded Wheel
Free Fire Winged Bones Faded Wheel

Free Fire Winged Bones Faded Wheel

Event duration: November 18 to November 24

The Faded Wheel is a special lucky spin in the Luck Royale in Free Fire. It has a shorter duration and doesn't appear periodically. It also has a smaller prize pool so it is easier to get the Grand Prize here.

The Faded Wheel has 10 prizes and you can remove 2 of them from the prize pool to increase the chance of getting the Grand Prize. The Winged Bones Faded Wheel features 2 Grand Prizes, which are the Winged Bones Backpack, and the Flameborn Scythe.

Winged Bones Faded Wheel 1
The Winged Bones Backpack will trigger a special effect when you jump continuously.

You can spin for free 1 time in the Faded Wheel and might get a really good prize for free if you are lucky. After that, each spin will cost more Diamonds. Here are the costs of the spins: 9, 19, 39, 69,99, 199, and 499.

The prize you obtained will be removed from the Faded Wheel so players are guaranteed to get both of the Grand Prize after 8 spins. You need a total of 933 Diamonds to get every single item in the Faded Wheel.

All rewards in the latest Free Fire Faded Wheel

Here is the list of prizes in the Free Fire Winged Bones Faded Wheel:

  • Winged Bones Backpack skin
  • Flameborn Scythe skin
  • Pet Food
  • Weapon Royale Voucher
  • Cube Fragment
  • Ebi Parachute skin
  • Swagger Ownage Weapon Loot Crate
  • Resupply Map Playcard
  • Demolitionist Weapon  Loot Crate
  • Vertigo Surfboard skin

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