In Free Fire, characters like Chrono, Alok,.. are no doubt the best choice to improve your chance of winning. They are loved by almost every single player in the game.

However, there are some underrated characters in Free Fire who are really strong but get overlooked by players. These characters also are more accessible than hot characters like Chrono and Alok.

1. Clu

Clu's Tracing Step ability allows her to detect enemies within 75 meters who are standing for 7.5 seconds. Needless to say, this ability is amazing, especially in Squad since the positions are shared with your teammates. You can scout out the position of most enemies and plan ahead your attack, defense plans.

Clu Free Fire
Clu can offer your team a great amount of information in combats.

2. Xayne

Xayne is a character in Free Fire that would go to the extreme to test the limit. Her ability is the perfect fit for people who want the same thing. When activated, Xayne's ability will give you a temporary 80 HP instantly along with a 100% damage increase on the shield and Gloo Wall.

The huge HP boost will give you a great advantage to win the fight and the enemies cannot hide because of your bonus damage on Gloo Wall and shields.

Potential as he is, Xayne is often underrated in Free Fire.

3. Alvaro

Alvaro is an extremely powerful character, yet one of the most underrated characters in Free Fire. Alvaro's Art of Demolition can increase your explosive damage by 20% and damage range by 10%. This allows you to hit people with your Grenades easier and take them down without being exposed to danger.

Alvaro is a great character for players who know how to use Grenades in Free Fire.

4. Rafael

Rafael is a perfect character for sniper players. His ability adds the silence effect to all your sniper rifles and increases their bleeding rate by up to 45%.

Free Fire Rafael New Ability
Rafael is a great character for sniper players.

5. Jota

Jota was recently buffed so that his ability will work with all guns. In addition, he will restore health whenever he deals damage to the enemy on top of the health when he takes down an enemy. His ability offers a great amount of healing for rusher players.

Ob29 Jota Free Fire
Jota got buffed in the OB29 update.

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