It has been a year since the release of the Falco pet in Garena Free Fire. And up until now, the pet still holds up and performs exceptionally well in the OB28 update of the game. So, out of all the options you have in the game, why pick Falco? Let's see this through together!

Falco's Ability in Garena Free Fire

Falco offers a passive ability called ‘Skyline Spree'. At the base level (level 1), it increases the gliding pace by 15% and diving speed by 25% after players open their parachutes.  More interestingly, this buff effect is applied to the whole squad! That's crazy good.

Falco Pet Skill
Falco's ability is "Skyline Spree".

At the maximum level (level 7), Falco increases the gliding speed by 45% and diving speed by 50%. But, how exactly can this buff help you and your team to secure more BOOYAHs?

3 Reasons Why You Must Own Falco Pet 

You may not realize this, but Falco's ability will allow you to achieve the following advantages in Free Fire.

#1 Cover More Ground

With the gliding and diving speed buff from Falco's passive, you and your teammates can travel a greater distance faster than other squads. This will come in especially handy in a situation where the flight path crosses crowded areas and hot zones. Dropping in hot zones means early combat with insufficient loot, hence, your chance of winning isn't that high.

Falco Pet
Falco Pet will help players travel further and faster.

However, you can take advantage of Falco's passive ability to drop on a further location, loot, then come back and strike.

#2 Land and Loot Quickly

Another way to use Falco's ability is actually rush looting for items before other squads land. This is a perfect pet for more aggressive playstyle among adventurous players. You can shoot your parachute as soon as possible to take full advantage of Skyline Spree's buff and land sooner.

Such playstyle is completely opposite to the one we mentioned above. In this case, you prioritize early fights instead of safety. It can be a great way to hone your skills!

#3 Grind Ranked Matches

We all know that in ranked matches, the longer you survive, the more points you get. That means if you survive until the end of the matches more often, you will rank up faster. Getting kills will certainly help in the process, but it's not as important as securing the BOOYAH!

Falconer Maro
If you want to play it safe, pick up Falco as your pet.

A good way to stay alive in ranked matches is to fly far off the flight path to loot in safer areas. And Falco pet is the perfect companion in that journey.

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