Free Fire is a competitive battle royale game mobile published by Garena in 2017. It is one of the most popular mobile games in the world and recorded more than 100 million daily players in August 2020. In the game, you will be put into an abandoned island with 49 other players to find items, weapons, to fight until there is only one person to survive.

Free Fire
Free Fire has a rank system for players to play against other players with the same level of skill

Other than casual modes, there are also rank modes for players who want to have some challenges and play against players who are as good as them. By playing rank modes and reach high tiers, players will receive rewards accordingly. In this article, will explain to you how the Free Fire ranking system works along with some useful tips and tricks for you to rank up easily and get rewards.

1. Free Fire ranking system explained

There are 2 ranked modes in Free  Fire: Ranked Battle Royale Mode and Ranked Clash Squad Mode. You can unlock Ranked Battle Royale Mode at Level 8 and Ranked Clash Squad Mode at level 12. The current Battle Royale Rank and Clash Squad Rank of a player will be shown on the profile of them along with information such as the number Rank Points, tier, K/D/A, win rate.

Free Fire rank list

The Free Fire ranking system splits players into 7 tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Heroic, and Grandmaster.

Free Fire Rank List
Here are all the 7 tiers in the Free Fire ranking system

Players with the same rank tiers will be matched with each other. Your placement and number of kills in each rank match will be used to calculate your Rank Points. You will be promoted to higher tiers when you reach certain numbers of Rank Points, except for the Grandmaster tier. In order to get the Grandmaster tier, you need to be in the top 300 players of the server.

Rank Tier Rank Points
Bronze I 1000
Bronze II 1050
Bronze III 1150
Silver I 1250
Silver II 1350
Silver III 1450
Gold I 1550
Gold II 1663
Gold III 1788
Gold IV 1913
Platinum I 2038
Platinum II 2163
Platinum III 2288
Platinum IV 2413
Diamond I 2538
Diamond II 2675
Diamond III 2825
Diamond IV 2975
Heroic 3125
Grand Master Top 300 of the region

Most players in Free Fire are in the Gold tier or below. You will meet some real challenges when you are in the Platinum tier or above as all players here are either skillful or very serious about winning. The Heroic tier and the Grand Master tier are placed for the best and the most try-hard Free Fire players in the region. You will be matched with many famous streamers and even pro players in these tiers.

Free Fire rank reset

Each rank season in Free Fire lasts for one month. Your rank will be reset at the start of each season. Your rank after reset will be based on your final rank in the last season.

  • 1000-1300 Rank Points (Bronze I to III) will be reduced to 1000 Rank Points (Bronze I).
  • 1301-1600 Rank Points (Silver I to III) will be reduced to 1175 Rank Points (Bronze II).
  • 2101-2600 Rank Points (Platinum I to IV) will be reduced to 1500 Rank Points (Silver II).
  • 2601-3200 Rank Points (Diamonds I to IV) will be reduced to 1650 Rank Points (Gold I).
  • 3201++ Rank Points (Heroic) will be reduced to 1750 Rank Points (Gold II).
Free Fire Rank Reset
Your rank will be reset when a new rank season arrives in Free Fire.

Free Fire rank rewards

At the end of each season, players will receive rewards based on their rank in the last season. Rewards are varied from vouchers, loadout items, Golds to weapon skins.

Ranked Clash Squad Rewards
Players can get many different rewards at the end of a season based on their Free Fire ranking.

Tip: You should always at least try to reach the Gold 3 tier in Clash Squad to get the special skin reward of each season.

2. Best Characters And Pets To Rank Up

Characters and pets are important parts of Free Fire rank mode because they can give players different advantages and allow players to enhance their playstyle with different combinations of skills. You can get characters and pets in Free Fire by buying them in the in-game store or get them from events.

Below is our list of the best characters and pets for you to level up faster and easier in the Free Fire ranking system.

Top 5 Best Characters to rank up faster in Free Fire

  • Alok: Alok has always been the best character in Free Fire ever since he was released. His skill Drop The Beat creates a large circle that increases movement speed and heal allies inside.  Both effects of the skill are extremely helpful and can be used in any situation.
Alok Free Fire
Aalok is the best character in Free Fire to rank up.
  • K: K is one of the latest characters in Free Fire. His skill Master of All increases his Max Ep and allows him to switch between 2 modes Jiu-Jitsu Mode and Psychology Mode. Jiu-Jitsu Mode regenerates his EP every 2 seconds while Psychology Mode allows him to consume EP at a faster rate.
  • Anotnio: Anotnio's skill Gangster's Spirit increases his Max HP at the start of the game by 35 points, making him harder to kill and is useful for any playstyle.
Antonio Free Fire
Antonio's skill Gangster's Spirit increases his Max HP at the start of the game by 35 points.
  • Luqueta: Luqueta's skill Hat Trick is pretty much the same as Antonio's skill. You get Max HP after each kill, up to 25 Max HP. At level 6, you only need 2 kills to get 25 Max HP.
  • Jota: Jota's skill Sustained Raids allows him to heal 40 HP immediately after a shotgun or SMG kills. This skill is very useful for aggressive players to stay in combat and keep fighting.

Other than these 5 characters, there are many other characters that are also really good for ranking up such as Clu, Moco, Andrew, Kapella,...

Top 5 Best pets to rank up faster in Free Fire

  • Poring: Poring can repair your armor and helmet and keep them from being destroyed so you can be protected all the time.
Porin Pet Freef Ire
Poring can repair your armor and helmet.
  • Spirit Fox: Spirit Fox will give you 7 extra HP whenever you use a Med Kit so you can save up more Med Kits.
  • Ottero: Otero's skill is somewhat the same as Spirit Fox. He will give you EP equal to 50% of the amount of HP you healed.
  • Mr. Waggor: Mr. Waggor will create you a Gloo Wall every 100 seconds when you don't have one, allow to always have at least one Gloo Wall to use during emergency situations. In Squad mode, you can give your teammates all your Gloo Wall so Mr. Waggor keeps producing more Gloo Wall.
Mr Waggor Free Fire
Mr. Waggor will create you a Gloo Wall every 100 seconds when you don't have one.
  • Panda: Panda will heal you by 7 HP whenever you get a kill. A great pet for aggressive players to combine with Alok or Jota.

3. Ranked Battle Royale Tips

Ranked Battle Royale is the first ranked mode that was introduced to Free Fire. Players can play Ranked Battle Royale mode in Solo, Duo, or Squad. The Rank Points you can earn from each match is based on your performance in that match.

Free Fire Battle Royale
Ranked Battle Royale is the first ranked mode that was introduced to Free Fire.

While the basic gameplay is the same, there is a great difference in gameplay among Solo, Duo, and Squad mode. Below are the essential tips you need to know to rank up easily in each mode. Read more: Free Fire Rank Season 16: Date, Rank Reset, New Features & Tips To Rank Up Fast

Solo Ranked Mode Tips

The Solo Ranked Mode is the most played mode in Free Fire. You will be all by yourself fighting against 49 other players so here is the place where your personal skills matter the most.

Here are the top 5 tips for you to rank up in Solo Ranked Mode:

  • Keep calm: The battle royale mode of Free Fire is a very punishing game mode and you will not get a Booyah for most of the time. That why it is very important to not tilt because get killed. In fact, it only makes you play worse and loses rank. If you can't keep calm, you should stop playing ranked and rest for a day.
  • Master your weapon: There are many weapons in Free Fire, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. All weapons are available in the Training Mode for players to test out and practice using them.
  • Be aggressive: It is common for most players to hide and wait for other players to come but this is not the way to rank up. The only way for you to improve your skills in combat is through fighting and you will go a long way with it.
  • Look around often: There is an eye icon for you to look around without changing your running direction. This way, you can react instantly when you see an enemy instead of wasting time turning around. It is also a good idea to not running in open areas for too long to avoid getting spotted by other players.

Duo Ranked Mode Tips

The Duo Ranked Mode is where you have fun with your friends and learn how to be a team player. It will be harder than the Solo Ranked Mode but there will be also more fun.

Here are the top 5 tips for you to start playing the Duo Ranked Mode with your friend.

  • Learn to master one landing spot: It is more dangerous in Duo Mode to be in a location you are not familiar with. You should choose and land at one spot until you know every corner of it before landing somewhere else.
  • Use the coordinates: In Dou Ranked Mode, you will tell your teammate where the enemy is and it will be really hard for them if you describe vaguely. You can use the coordinates on top of the screen to make sure you both are looking in the same direction.
  • Use Treatment gun: Treatment Gun is not very useful in Solo because it doesn't deal much damage. But you can use it in Duo mode to shot at your teammate and heal them for 20 per shot.
  • Revive and use First Aid Kit at the same time: Most players don't know this but you can actually revive your teammate while using a First Aid Kit at the same time to save time.
  • Communicate often: You would want to make sure that you and your teammate are on the same page all the time about your game plan, status, to look out for each other. You are guaranteed to win against most random Duo if you can do this.

Squad Ranked Mode Tips

The Squad Ranked Mode is probably the most competitive mode in Free Fire. It is the mode that is used in most Free Fire tournaments and it will push your skills and strategy in Free Fire to the limit.

Here are the top 5 tips for you to starting getting in the Squad Ranked Mode and not getting totally annihilated.

  • Get enough loot for everyone: In a Squad, you will need a place with enough loot for everyone, at least a helmet, armor, a decent weapon, and a backpack for each.
  • Assign a team leader: A bad is better than having no plan at all so you need to have one leader who is going to make the plan for the whole team and call shots. A great team leader should be an experienced player and he doesn't have to be the most frag player.
  • Stick together: Going alone in the Squad Ranked Mode is a very dangerous thing. Other squads will be able to take you down easily if they spot you and there is nothing you can do. But if you go with at least another teammate, he might be able to back you up with Gloo Wall or even make a kill.
  • Have at least 1 Penguin Pet: Mr. Waggor will generate one Gloo Wall every 100 seconds if you have no Gloo Wall. So you can just give your Gloo Wall to your teammates so the pet can keep making more Gloo Wall forever.
  • Focus Fire: The power of a Squad need all its members. So if you spot a Squad that is running in the open, make sure to inform your teammate and not just shot at them right away. If you shoot too early the enemies will be alerted and run away. The location of your team will also be revealed to other teams nearby.

4. Ranked Clash Squad Tips

The Clash Squad Mode is quite different from the Battle Royale mode. In this mode, 2 teams will fight each other until one team win 4 out of 7 matches. In this mode, the map is much smaller and you have to buy weapons and items with the money you earn in each round.

Free Fire Clash Squad
You have to buy weapons with money in Clash Squad in Free Fire.

Here we will show you some pro tips to win in Ranked Clash Squad Mode and rank up.

  • Knowing your roles: Knowing your role in the team in later rounds will allow you to have the best performance. You can be a strategist, a rusher, a sniper,... There are a lot of roles that fit you whatever your playstyle might be.
  • Spend your money wisely: Since you have to buy your own weapon with a limited fund, you need to decide if you want to save up money to buy more items next round. You also want to go through with your team to pick the most suitable weapon.
  • Use Smoke Grenade: The Smoke Grenade doesn't kill your enemies but it can save your life and your teammate's life. You can even use it to rush to the enemy's location safely.
  • Communicate: Just like in any other team-based game, you need to communicate with your teammates in order to achieve victory. That means you will need a set of earphones with a mic to make calls with your team.
  • Check corners: This is a super easy habit that will get you really far in Clash Squad Ranked Mode. There will be players staying around corners waiting for you to pass by to get an easy kill. Checking corners regularly will help you kill them and learn about these spots.

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