The developers of Garena Free Fire have done a great job to provide worldwide players with constant content updates. However, releasing new features into the game without careful inspection may cause severe repercussions. In-game bugs, glitches, and a plethora of other issues may arise and devastate the entire ecosystem. That's the drive behind Garena's Free Fire Advance Server link to a place where players do all the testing.  

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Stay ahead of the curve by joining Free Fire's Advance Server

We can all agree that there's no complete prevention of bugs, glitches, or in-game issues in the gaming scene. No matter how professional the devs are, there will still be things to be discovered once their creation hits the shelf. However, having a test server may limit the chance of problems occurring to the bare minimum. Via a series of early reports and inspections, players can join hands in building the title that they come to know and love. 

What is the Free Fire Advance Server?

As we mentioned before, the Advance Server is where the Free Fire devs allow players to test out new content of the next update. The server will open for a limited period with the upcoming features available. Players must register to join the test squad. They will work hands in hands with the developers to detect potential bugs. However, the Advance Server can only hold a certain number of players, which means not everyone can join. 

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There is only ONE Advance Server

Free Fire Advance Server Open Schedule

For the record, Garena often opens the Advance Server before any big OB update. The registration phase starts 1 or 2 days before the server is live. After that comes the actual test phase, which usually lasts for one week at a time. So, the Advance Server will be available to access in 8 or 9 days. The devs will close the server immediately once the test duration finishes. All of your progress will be lost. 

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You have one week to try out the new content of the Advance Server

Official Free Fire Advance Server Link

There is one and only one official Free Fire Advance Server. It's authorized and run by Garena and the game developers. Any self-claiming websites you see on the Internet are fake and could jeopardize your personal information. Also, the official Advance Server only opens when new updates are pending.

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Download the APK file from the official link only

Here's the official Free Fire Advance Server registration link (currently offline):

How to Register and Download Free Fire Advance Server

To join the Free Fire Advance Server test, you must register first. This process has to be re-done for every new server you join. It means that if you want to test out the OB25 or OB26 Advance Servers, you must follow the same guidelines. With that being said, here are the steps to sign up for the Free Fire Advance Server:

  • #1 Visit Free Fire Advance Server official website
  • #2 Login with your Facebook account. Remember which one you use to download the APK later.
  • #3 Fill out the required details (Name, e-mail, and phone number), then click “Join Now”
  • #4 After successfully signing up, you will see a Free Fire Advanced Server download link 2020
Free Fire Advance Server Log In
Register to join the Free Fire Advance Server with your Facebook account

Download Free Fire Advance Server APK 

  • #1 Visit Free Fire Advance Server official website (where you register before)
  • #2 Log in with your Facebook account
  • #3 Click on “Download APK”
  • #4 Go to Download, run the APK file to install the game (Remember to enable installing from unknown sources first)
  • #5 Open the Advance Server and log in with the same Facebook account you use to register. 

Note: You can only install Advance Server on Android devices. For example, you can only find the Free Fire OB23 Advance Server for Android APK download link. iOS can not run the file.

Login with Guest Account in the Free Fire Advance Server

From the OB24 Advance Server, testers can log in using a guest account. However, you still have to register with a Facebook account to download the APK. Also, don't forget that there are limited slots on the server. Some of them are reserved for content creators and influencers, so the available ones are that more scarce. 

Free Fire Advance Server
Don't miss your chance to join Free Fire Advance Server

That’s all you need to know about the Free Fire Advance Server link. Do keep in mind that there is only ONE official server run by Garena. Be smart and avoid scams or private servers for your own safety. Join the next Free Fire Advance Server and earn up to 3000 Diamonds for reporting bugs! Stay tuned to for more guides, tips, and tricks into Free Fire.