It’s been more than 3 years since the launch of Free Fire. How long have you been playing it? If you see yourself as an old player who has been playing the game for years, you must have some rare and unlimited items which are no longer available in the game at the moment. Check out the list of rarest Free Fire items to see if you have any of them!

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If you have or at least remember the Rubi gunskin, you must come from the first generation of Free Fire player

1. UMP Ruby

Being known as the oldest gun skins ever which were released in 2018, UMP Ruby is the special and valuable item that only most loyal players have. However, apart from the precious meaning, this gun skin coms in basic shades, no special effect, and additional statistics so you don’t have to look for it in case you don’t own one.

Keep calm and Booyah, anyone?

2. Old costumes

While Free Fire is well-known for a vast range of bundles in different styles, players used to have a few options in the past and most of them are basic slogan tee which was given for free by Garena. If you have a white T-shirt with texts like “I Got You’, “Keep Calm and Booyah” or “No School Today?”, you’re definitely an old Free Fire player.

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3. Charity Box Loot Box

This loot box used to be a true treasure for old Free Fire players back to the time it appeared on the system. The classic Loot Box was a desirable item of many players as it was challenging to win one from the Diamond Royale.

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4. Old Backpack

If you’ve been rolling with the game since the Elite Pass season 1, these two backpacks are definitely the most unforgettable items that many players went wild for. The reason is that these two classic items are the first two customized backpack which had ever been released in the game leaving aside the default one.

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5. The Executioner

Apart from the UMP Legend skin, old players also must have heard about the Executioner which is one of the first Katana skins in 2018. The most special part about The executioner skin is that the player had to be at the gold level to unlock this skin. Therefore, it used to be considered one of the most precious weapons skins back to the early day of Free Fire.