One of the most interesting features in Free Fire is that players have several options when it comes to choosing the most suitable character based on their play styles. While each character *except the two default ones) have special abilities, there are a few characters who are more popular than others. In case you’re wondering what are the most-used characters in Free Fire, check out 5 best characters in-game who are frequently used by players and have the highest selling record over the years.

Image 4 Andrew Character In Free Fire
Character Andrew, one of the most popular characters in Free Fire

5. Andrew - used for 1,862 crore times

One of the most popular characters in Free Fire is Andrew, an Armor specialist. With his special skill, the character can strengthen the durability of your vest and reduce the damage. At level 3, Andrew’s durability loss will be decreased by 6% and by 10% at level 10.

While Andrew is not as famous as many other characters, it turns out that he is a mainstream one who is preferred by many players.

Despite not having an impressive ability, character Maxim is the 4th most popular characters which have been used in Free FIre

4. Maxim - used for 3,437 crore times

Remaining low-key in comparison to other peers, Maxim - a competitive mushroom eater=r. Despite being said to be one of the worst characters in Free Fire whose skill is almost useless, Maxim turns out to be so popular in-game. It seems like many players cannot keep calm waiting for their character to finish their mushroom.

1 Alok Partnership Key Visual Hd 1
DJ Alok only has the third position in the list, who have outdone him?

3. DJ Alok - used for 3,089 crore times

Despite being said to be the best and most popular character in Free Fire, it turns out that DJ Alok only ranks the 3rd position in the list of most-used Free Fire characters. The character has an active skill and increases the movement speed of himself and the whole team while gaining extra HP after kills which is a huge advantage for every player during the match.

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Hayato Awaken

2. Hayato - used for 3,166 crore times

It was none other than Hayato, the one who outdid DJ Alok to become the second most popular character in Free Fire. The Japanese warrior has a great samurai spirit and his special ability can help players give more damage to their shoots. He has been on the top of best Free Fire since being released in the game years ago.


1. Kla - used for 3,222 crore times

It’s a bit surprising to know that the top-used Free Fire character is a KLA, who used to be listed as one of the most underestimated ones. With his Muay Thai skill, the character who is suitable for close-up combat is the highest in demand Free Fire character of all times. At level 3, Kla can give 200% damage to his fist which turns him into a weapon on his own.

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