Garena Free Fire is thriving and growing at exponential speed, despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, as more and more people come to play the game, the competitive scene also gets more intense. That's when a portion of the player base turns to hacks and cheats to gain themselves unfair advantages.

Ban Notice Garena Free Fire
Ban Notice from Garena Free Fire

Although the developers have been trying their best to reduce the usage of tools and cheats, the problems are still relevant. Since Operation Cutcord, Free Fire has banned millions of cheaters for using scripts, hacks, and such. It's a crucial move to ensure a cheat-free and fair environment for gamers to enjoy.

Free Fire Account Suspension
Hackers will be banned from the game

Free Fire's official Facebook Fanpage has posted a ban notice over the last two weeks. Let's take a look!

Anti-cheat System Bans 5,92,608 Accounts in Two Weeks

As mentioned in the post, 34% out of the 5,92,608 banned accounts were reported by the users. Also, do not team up with hackers! Over 31,000 players received a ban for intentionally benefiting from cheaters.

accounts banned number
5,92,608 accounts were banned from the game in 2 weeks

According to the Free Fire Anti-cheat FAQ, the use of any unauthorized third-party applications not developed by Garena is considered cheating. That includes mods, cheats, scripts, or any program that could bring an unfair advantage or harm the game financially.

Ban analysis chart
Ban analysis chart

If players are found guilty of hacking, their accounts will be suspended permanently from the game. Hence, it's never an option to turn to scripts and hacks. They are illegal and will lead to the assured ban.