The map in Free Fire battle royale mode is really big, making it more difficult to spot random enemies who appear out of nowhere. Having a good sense. of map awareness in Free Fire will bring you very far. Knowing the locations of the enemies will not only allow you to take the initiative but can also save your life. In this article, we will show you the top 3 tips to spot enemies in Free Fire.

1. Use an earphone

It will make it much easier to spot the general direction of the enemy when you are being shot by having an earphone. Once you get used to it you can even pinpoint how far they are from you and their exact location. So if you don't are not using an earphone for Free Fire, use one now, even a cheap one would do great.

Earphones Free Fire 1bda
Having an earphone is important in Free Fire.

2. Always check the minimap

The minimap of Free Fire can tell you the location of the enemies nearby if they shoot their weapon. This will help you locate the location of people who are fighting. You can take this chance to get some easy kills while they are busy.

Free Fire Mini Map 8b18
You can tell the location of the enemy on the minimap.

3. Use the Free Look feature

The Free Look feature is the most important tool to spot enemies in Free Fire. It allows you to look at other directions when you are running. Learn how to look around when you are running to spot enemies before they do.

When you are in an open space, look for running players and scan dangerous locations where the enemy might hide. If you can spot the enemy first, you might as well end the fight before it event starts.

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