Having a good character combination is one of the key factors that will help you achieve victory in Free Fire. The game has a huge collection of characters of more than 40 unique characters. However, not all characters are equally good. In fact, some characters barely provide you with anything useful at all.

In this article, we will show you the 5 worst Free Fire characters to use in Ranked mode.

1. Kla

Kla is one of the oldest characters in Free Fire so it is understandable that his ability is not strong. His ability can increase your punching damage by 400%. It is a lot of damage but it is not possible for you to get close to the enemy when they are using a gun. And even if you do, weapons like shotguns and SMG can make you disappear easily.

Still, it is a pretty fun ability if you want to have some challenges to do.

Kla Free Fire Character
Kla's ability to increase your punchin damage by 400%, which is totally useless.

2. Ford

Ford's ability can reduce the damage outside of the safe zone by 24%. He was actually a pretty good character but then he got a big nerf because people abused his ability to stay outside of the safe zone and AFK healing to the victory. It is not possible to do that now. The damage reduction of Ford's ability is pretty much useless if you how to get into the safe zone in time.

Ford Free Fire Characters
Ford's ability reduce the damage you take when you are outside of the safe zone.

3. Paloma

Paloma lets you carry more ammo in your inventory. However, you normally have more than enough space for your ammo so her ability is not needed. Only once in a while, you can find a lot of Grenades or Gloo Walls then her ability will be useful. Sometimes, you will see a support player in a Squad using Paloma.

Paloma Free Fire allows you to store extra ammo in your inventory.

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4. Nikita

Nikita's ability increases the reload speed of SMG weapons by 24%. Without saying, this ability is super useless. Reducing the reload speed of your weapons barely gives you an advantage. In addition, the ability only applies to SMG, which makes it even more useless. Only shotguns and sniper rifles benefit from the increased reload speed. Most SMG has enough ammo to pin down an enemy.

Nikita Free Fire
Nikita's ability increases the reload speed of your SMGs.

5. Misha

Misha is another very old character in Free Fire, which is why she is not very useful even when Misha just got buffed recently. Her ability increases your driving speed and increases your survivability while driving. Using vehicles is a great way to travel around the map but Misha's ability is quite abundant.

It is not hard to escape if you are already in a vehicle. Instead, you can use that ability slot for many other abilities that can increase your combat power.

Image 5 Misha In Free Fire
Misha Free Fire can increase your survivability while you are driving a car.

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