The OB30 update of Free Fire has just been released, with a number of exciting new features. Some of them are top suggestions that people have been asking for a long time. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 most notable new features in Free Fire OB30 update.

1. New 6 vs 6 Clash Squad

Clash Squad is one of the most popular custom modes in Free Fire to date, to the point that Garena has added a separate ranking system for it. In OB30, the mode gets improved even further with a new "6 vs 6" variant that can be played in Custom Rooms.

Players can now have a lot more fun with their friends playing this mode. It is likely that Garena would add the 6 vs 6 variant to Clash Squad if it gathers enough attention from players. 2 more players on each team enables much more strategy than the usual 4-man squad.

6 vs 6 Clash Squad
6 vs 6 Clash Squad is one of the best new features in Free Fire OB30.

2. New Treatment sniper gun

Garena has been playing around with the "Treatment Gun" idea for a while. Afterward, the Treatment sniper and Treatment shotgun added as part of OB30 Advance Server. Only the Treatment Sniper made the cut, but that's probably enough.

The only thing that makes the Treatment pistol unusable is its overly weak stat. Now, with the powerful shots of the Treatment sniper, players will have more healing options in combat now. Delivering instant heal to allies from afar is a curious idea and might have some applications in pro-tier.

3. Character rebalances

In the OB30 patch, Chrono received a massive nerf to all the aspects of his skills. Fans have definitely tired of seeing Chrono in matches... and because of that, Garena has finally clamped down on the character. He was a badly designed character with an all-powerful ability that has no weaknesses.

Shirou, one of the most underused characters in the game, has a massive buff among all OB30 character changes. Expect to see him more in matches.

Skill adjustments
Skill adjustments for characters are a crucial addition amongst new features in Free Fire OB30.

4. Weapon changes

Weapons are the most important factor in a shooter like Free Fire, and balancing them is crucial in creating a good game. Garena has been doing this job pretty well - in the OB30 patch, they buffed various weak weapons like the P90 and the SPAS12. On the other hand, overpowered guns like the Vector Akimbo get nerfed to the ground once again.

5. New Replay system

The new Replay system allows players to save any of their games and rewatch them. This is a crazy feature if you want to create highlights or just rewatching after a particularly good game. It is expected that this system would be expanded to cover professional replays as well. Watching a match from the perspective of a pro can let you improve your Free Fire skills.

Overall, it is actually pretty surprising that Garena took so long to add this feature, as a lot of competitive esports games have it.

Replay is one of the best features ever released in Free Fire, ever.

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