The Lone Wolf mode arrived in the game as part of the 4th Anniversary update and received a warm welcome among fans. In this mode, you can fight 1vs1 or 2vs2 battles on a small map called Iron Cage. And now, in the upcoming OB31 patch, Garena is getting a new Ranked mode for Lone Wolf. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 tips to win Lone Wolf Ranked Mode in Free Fire OB31.

1. Pick the right character skill

As the format is 1vs1 and 2vs2 on a very small map, battles are going to be super short and at a very close range. Therefore, you need to equip the right skill for the job. Overall, Chrono's shield ability is perfect for this mode, as you can shield up and kill your opponent if they are out of cover.

About passives, it is best to pick your skills based on the weapon you plan on using. For example, if you want to use the Vector Akimbo, you can pick something like Dasha's recoil reduction or Nikita's reload time reduction. Please note that skills that trigger after a kill are useless in this mode so don't bother. Shirou's passive is perfect in Lone Wolf.

Pick the right character skill
Pick the right character skill is the key.

2. Get the right weapon

In this mode, you get to pick your weapon similar to Clash Squad. As combat often happens in close range, SMGs are extremely strong. Simply, you should stick with the Vector Akimbo or the UMP for the best performance.

Moreover, powerful single shot weapons like the M1014 or the desert eagle can serve as decent secondary weapons. You can still use strong ARs, of course, it is just that SMGs are the strongest weapon class in this mode.

 Get the right weapon
Get the right weapon for an advantage.

3. Know the map

The Iron Cage map of Lone Wolf Ranked is super small and symmetrical. With the terrains on both sides are mirrored with each other, enemies would often come out from the same spot as you, so you should use this knowledge to pre-aim at the opposite side of your position.

Also, try to get the high ground. The small map is full of covers and able to locate the general position of your foe is an advantage. There are no decent camping spots on this map, unless you know where your foes are at. It is best to keep moving around and waiting on the high ground containers.

Know the map
Know the map is vital.

4. Use Grenades

Gloo Walls are extremely useful in this mode. If you are in a container, it is possible to block one side of it with a Gloo Wall to heal yourself up. It is actually rather hard to counter this strategy if your enemy also uses it - you need to move around fast and throw a grenade into the hole.

Grenades like frag or frost can be used as an area denial tool that flushes enemies out of cover.

Use Grenades
It is crucial to use Grenades.

5. Play as a team

While you are by yourself in the 1vs1 variant, it is best to stick with your teammate in 2vs2. The extra firepower would give your duo a much better chance against enemies... and if you managed to finish one of your foes without dying, the match is more or less over.

Play as a team
Play as a team is important in Lone Wolf Ranked 2vs2.

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