The reason behind PUBG Mobile’s popularity is partly because of its constant update – various new contents are added into the game at regular intervals. Tencent Games have done it pretty well, with every season updates brings a host of new exciting outfits and skins, using the Royale Pass system. In this article, we would discuss the upcoming Season 14 Royale Pass, its likely release date, and major cosmetic contents included with it.

1 – What is the release date of PUBG Mobile Season 14?

Based on Season 13’s Royale Pass, the current season would come to an end on July 12, 2020. Based on the usual schedule, season 14 would hit the live server 2 days later, on July 14, 2020. Players would be able to purchase the Royale Pass and get all the new content from it.

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The current season would end in about 1.5 months

According to the leaks, the theme for the next season is going to be “Spark the Flame”, with the majority of the new costumes sporting that theme. A few of the rewards have been leaked, including the tier rewards and 100 RP costume of season 14’s Royale Pass.

2 - Leaked rewards:

Tier rewards for Gold and Platinum:


The theme for this season is actually pretty weird - while the costume overall looks like plate armor, they are assembled in a leather fashion. The whole set would be awarded after you reach Platinum.

Tier reward for Diamond:

The player would get an M24 sniper rifle skin to go with the costume. With this gun being the 2nd most popular SR in the game (after the Kar98k), you would actually get the chance to use the thing more often.

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Tier reward for Ace:

Parachute skin of the season is Ace tier's traditional reward, and Season 14 is not an exception.


Season 14's 100 RP costume:


One of the best outfits in quite a while - this costume is mythic quality and seems to be inspired by the popular franchise Warhammer 40k.

Lastly, there is some weird mecha-egyptian-pharaoh set, which would probably be a top tier reward of this season.


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