More details about the next update of PUBG Mobile have already surfaced, despite the 13th season was just a few weeks ago. According to reputable sources, the update is going to be pretty big – with a rather weird map getting added.

We would compile some of the more popular leaks that have been floating around into this article as well – overall,  0.19.0 is going to be a big one.

1 – New TDM Mode in Library Map

This is connected to a previous leak in the Chinese server about a TDM mode inside a library map. While this information is pretty old, it is expected that the Library map along with the mode would be out in the next 0.19.0 update. There is only one simple twist in this mode: when you kill an enemy, you would immediately get his weapon. Overall, this is not something too challenging, as people are probably going to use AR anyway.

Pubg Mobile Library Map First Look C7af
The Library map was tested on for quite a while

2 – The addition of a Quick Fire/Scope Button

This button would chain the combo of opening scope and firing using only one tap. This is rather similar to Call of Duty Mobile – it is not sure if the addition of this feature is a good idea, as it would reduce the skill ceiling of the game, giving less skilled players the ability to scope fire.

3 – A New Bolt Action Sniper Rifle called Mosin Nagant

Mosin Nagant would be a new option for aspiring snipers to experiment

It is likely that PUBG Mobile is going to increase the variants of Sniper Rifles in the game yet again after the Mosin Nagant was added into the PC version.

The new gun would use the 7.62 mm ammo, with a higher fire rate than the Kar98k exchange for lower damage per shot. Overall, the thing would be somewhat useful for an experienced sniper who can score more than one hit in a row.

4 – A Mysterious New Map

It is going to be a super small island

Apparently, this map can either be Erangel 2.0 or codename Fourex. However, with the introduction style that PUBG Mobile’s official twitter used, it is likely to be Fourex.

Pubg Che Do Choi Cot Truyen Khien Chong Bao Dong S
The Fourex map was revealed a long time ago

Apparently, Fourex would have the characteristics of all maps in PUBG, with four parts of the island made up of cut locations from PUBG's other normal maps. The map would only be 2x2 size - it probably will be an arcade map instead of classic. The real name of the map is also going to be different, as Fourex is just a codename.

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