With PUBG Mobile’s 0.18.0 update released a few days ago, the developers are prepared for the beta testing of the next major version: 0.19.0. The Beta servers would be opened soon, after the current registration phase ended. In the past, PUBG Mobile usually keep the beta for testing in the Chinese server – it looks like that’s not the case any longer.

Pubg Mobile Beta Tester 1280x720
PUBG Mobile usually just test its update on the Game For Peace version instead of going global

The registration steps to become a beta tester is rather simple. You only have to go to the GameExp page, register for an account, and complete the survey. Selected people would be contacted by their team through email. Below is the step-by-step guide:

  • Use this link to open the Registration Portal for PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 beta test
  • Either Login with your social media accounts or register for a new account. Afterward, you would be directed to a Survey Page
  • Fill out the survey – most of the questions are just relevant info like your age or character ID. Click on the Submit button after the whole thing is filled.
  • A notification would be sent to your PUBG Mobile account for confirmation of the beta application.
The survey is pretty simple - however, the chance of getting selected for the program is rather low

Players who participate in this phase of testing would get free skins. The portal would close very soon – it is best to do the survey as soon as possible if you want to join. About Season 14 and the 0.19.0 patch's release date, there isn't much information available yet. Based on the information provided by Ultimate Shooter YP, the update is expected to come out on July 14.

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