PUBG mobile lets players change their in-game name and character’s appearance. Players have many reasons to change their in-game names, such as joining a clan or crew. And you can also change the appearance and gender of your characters easily. Check out how to change the in-game name and appearance here.

How To Change In-game Name And Appearance

Having a cool, catchy, and impressive name in PUBG Mobile makes your gaming experience better, especially when you get Chicken Dinner. Your name will be displayed on the plane if you’re among top players. Moreover, the game also shows your name on the left side of the screen when you kill an enemy. That’s why you need a cool name.

Get A Free Rename Card
Get A Free Rename Card Buy Completing Progress Missions
Or Buy A Rename Card In The Treasures Crate
...Or Buy A Rename Card In The Treasures Crate

If you got a random name when you created the account which doesn’t look cool, you can change it with a rename card. The game gives you a free rename card when you complete progress missions and reach level 10. Or else, you can buy a rename card from the shop.

Go To The Inventory To Use Rename Card
Go To The Inventory To Use Rename Card

To buy a rename card, you go to the shop. In the Treasures Crate, you can find the rename card which costs 180 UCs. Pay UC to buy the card and change the username. The rename card is stored in the Inventory. You go to the Inventory, select to use Rename Card. In the pop-up name box, you enter a new username and select OK. Then, your username will be changed immediately.

Enter New Nickname And Select Ok
Enter New Nickname And Select OK

To change the gender and appearance of your character, you also go to the Inventory. On the left side of the screen, you tap on the button of Appearance. Then, it will lead you to the Customize Room where you can change the face, hairstyle, and hair color of your character. You can also change the gender by choosing make or female. It costs you 500 gold coins to change each feature of hair. Each of the other two features, including face and gender, costs you 1000 gold coins.