MGZed MaxKasH isn’t a strange name to PUBG Mobile fans recently. The young gamer made himself known for immensely great DMR skills, decisive shot-calling, and a humble personality. In this article, let’s learn about his biography, hobbies, and more.

Who Is MaxKasH?

MaxKasH’s real name is Akash Anandani, born and raised in the city of Bhopal in the Madhya Pradesh State. He’s currently a professional PUBG Mobile player and a second-year student at Sadhu Vaswani college for an Honours Bachelor of Commerce Degree. PUBG Mobile fans know him as a member of the MGZed clan - one of the top teams in India. 

MaxKasH PUBG portrait
MaxKasH is a rising star of PUBg Mobile

How Did MaxKasH Get Into Professional Gaming?

Akash Anandani started gaming at a very young age with titles such as Max Payne, GTA Vice City, Need For Speed,... He usually played games in story mode but Max Payne sparked his love for the FPS genre. MaxKasH since then played a lot of shooting games and came across PUBG Mobile back in 2018. It was an immediate click.

The 20-year old player claimed that his perception of gaming completely changed after India’s first Campus Championship in 2018. MaxKasH witnessed the event and saw the potential of eSports in the future. He made his first debut in the ORB uniform and later moved to MGZeD - his current team. 

MaxKasH PUBG clutches
MaxKasH is best known for his nerve-racking clutches

Akash Anandani said that his parents are fully supportive of his gaming career. Though most of his time is spent playing games, he still manages to maintain good academic results to please his parents. Akash doesn’t share any plan of quitting college in the future. 

What Gears Does MaxKasH Use For PUBG Mobile?

Akash Anandani uses iPhone XR and HyperX earphones to play PUBG Mobile. He occasionally streams the game via Omelette Arcade on his YouTube channel. The talented player said he didn’t have a professional gaming setup because he was focusing more on competitive games than streaming. 

MaxKasH PUBG gears
The young player wants to focus more on professional gaming

Things You May Not Know About MaxKasH

  • Hobby: Reading
  • The favorite teammate in MGZeD: TheDude. According to MaxKasH, TheDude is a player who can keep calm even in tense PUBG fights, and also a great cook for the team.
  • Favorite PUBG Mobile players of all-time: RRQ’s Earnny and XQF’s Paraboy
  • Food of choice: Bhindi-Aloo cooked by his mom.
  • He’s also a fan of Cricket and even played local tournaments in his city.
  • PUBG Mobile Setup: the thumb setup and Gyroscope.
  • MaxKasH’s merch is coming
MaxKasH PUBG selfie
MaxKasH's selfie with TheDude