Tencent Games has posted several tweets on the official account of PUBG Mobile, releasing that a new map may come to this game soon. After a long time waiting and many rumors about the new maps, players can finally wait for a confirmation of the publisher.

A New Map May Come To PUBG Mobile

Tencent Games has attached some postcards each of which has a stamp on the top right corner. If you merge these stamps together, you can get something that looks like a map. A lot of people believe that it be the upcoming map in PUBG Mobile. And Tencent Games has no reason to attach these stamps on the postcards but try to leak something.

Is Tencent Games Trying To Leak Something
Is Tencent Games Trying To Leak Something In Their Tweet?

Moreover, they even wrote “Where could these mysterious postcards have come from?!” in the caption stressed on the stamps. This new map might come to this game in the 0.19.0 update. There is no announcement and confirmation. But the tweet of the game publisher has brought a solid belief in the coming of an enhanced or totally new map.

When Merging Stamps We Get Something Looking Like
When Merging Stamps We Get Something Looking Like A Map

Many say it can be the Erangel 2.0 or Karakin map, or even a specially-made map for PUBG Mobile players. But it’s more likely to be the Karakin map because Tencent Games has been developing this new map for PUBG Mobile. Karakin is the newest map in PUBG. So, it’s understandable when PUBG Corp. and Tencent Games will bring this map to the mobile version of this game.

Karakin Pubg Mobile
Tencent Games' developers have been developing Karakin map for PUBG Mobile

We still have to wait for further announcements from Tencent Games. But you can expect to experience a new map in PUBG Mobile in the near future. Possibly, it will come in the next updates. The Tencent Games' tweet left players excited and anticipated.