The popular game Call of Duty: Mobile has seen its latest COD Mobile latest version Season 6 arrive on both the iOS and Android systems. Called 'Once Upon a Time in Rust', it consists of an update that introduces the Wild West theme to the popular Activision title.

COD Mobile new version added characters like the Ghost - Cowboy and Seraph - Desperada, new multiplayer modes, and two new COD Mobile new maps: Rust and Saloon. It also adds events, new cosmetic items, and bug fixes. On the other hand, the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2020 Tournament is now available, which you can find more information about here.

Below we give details on all the content of the COD Mobile new update, from the Battle Pass, the Premium Pass, to the different game modes that have now come to the game, as well as the aesthetic content and other issues that Season 6 of the game bring us.

COD Mobile Latest Version (1/5)

Battle Pass

Once Upon a Time in Rust, the Call of Duty Mobile new version, adds a new functional weapon: the Outlaw. First introduced in Black Ops 4, the Outlaw is a powerful sniper rifle that unlocks at Tier 12. And then, at Tier 25, we will have access to the powerful Annihilator: a new operator skill that is capable of eliminating enemies with a single shot.

cod mobile latest version
The new Wild West theme never stops being exciting, especially in a shooter game

Along with Outlaw and Annihilator, players will also get new skins - like Bandit or Desert Snake camo, which can be put on multiple weapons.

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Premium Pass

With the Premium Pass, Ghost - Cowboy and the Outlaw rifle with the Heat Stroke skin will be available at Level 1, allowing you to look the Wild West part immediately. Then, at Tier 12 of the Premium Pass, we will have access to the character Seraph-Desperada.

COD Mobile latest version premium pass
Ghost naturally fits in as a Wild West character with his skull face mask

The Heat Stroke camo is a fiery camo that is present throughout the entire Premium Pass: at Tier 1 (for the Outlaw rifle), at Tier 20 (for the M4 LMG), and for Tier 30 (LK24). On the other hand, the camouflage MSMC Wild West can be found at Tier 50. This pass also gives access to Call of Duty Points, Credits, and Crates with chock full of other cosmetics.

COD Mobile Latest Version (2/5)

Capture the Gold

'Once Upon a Time in Rust' introduces a new Capture the Gold mode, one that puts a twist on the classic Capture the Flag: the players must take a pot overflowing with gold from the enemy team, and take it back to their territory. Successfully completing this mechanic will give us points to emerge victorious.

1v1 duels

On the other hand, 1vs1 Duels will take place on the new Saloon map: designed specifically for this mode. The player who gets seven kills wins the round, and the player who wins all three rounds wins the game.

COD Mobile Latest Version (3/5)

Kill Confirmed

In Kill Confirmed, users will have to collect the dog tags dropped by their enemies once they die. This is what allows us to earn points. During the Gold Rush event, we will win a gold bar every time we confirm a kill by picking up a tag. If we confirm the death of a teammate, both players will win a gold bar.

cod mobile latest version
The Heat Stroke skin will be present in various weapons

Rust's return

The fan-favorite COD Mobile new Battle Royale map 'Rust' returns for this season. During the season, the 'Rust the Dust' event will also be available: by completing a target list, we will earn Wild West-themed gear. This event started on April 29, so players can now participate in it to win the M4 - Bandit and the Desert Snake backpack.

COD Mobile Latest Version (4/5)

New Challenge types and rewards

From the beginning of the COD Mobile latest version, players can earn rewards from completing multi-step challenges. There is a set of tasks for each challenge with a reward for completing each one. Once you complete the first task, you earn the reward and unlock the next task. Completing the whole challenge by finishing all tasks earns you a major goodie.

The first two of these multi-step challenges give players the chance to earn one functional weapon for completing each challenge. Completing both of these challenges and you will have the Locus sniper rifle and the Pharo SMG added to your arsenal. From the Events tab, you can view both challenges and get started on your first task if you think these weapons are worth getting.

New Battle Royale Poltergeist class

A Battle Royale class has arrived with the new update. Keep griding and soon you will unlock the Poltergeist class in a week-long event that goes live late in the Season. The Poltergeist’s Active Camo, a unique cloaking ability that offers brief invisibility, can surprise your enemies in various ways.

cod mobile latest version
Don't think it's only aesthetics because Season 6 introduces some new Wild West-themed modes as well

The ability is accentuated by the passive Voidwalker ability, which increases your movement speed while cloaked. It's definitely one of the most dangerous classes out there for players who don't watch their surroundings.

COD Mobile Latest Version (5/5)

Other news

Season 6 of Call of Duty: Mobile also offers new merchandise in the store, while adding several updates for both the user interface, weapons balance, and optimization of gameplay. You can find all the details of Season 6 on the game's official blog.

For COD Mobile new update download or COD Mobile latest version download, simply access the game on Google Play Store and access the latest changes to the game by updating.

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