Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the most popular and exciting battle royale games in the world now. In this shooting game, besides great shooting skills, you also need decent guns. Here are the top five guns in Call of Duty: Mobile that guarantees your victory in this game.

RUS-79U (AKS-74U)

This is a super powerful submachine gun with a high firing rate and very low recoil. Therefore, this gun will give users the upper hand against their enemies. Moreover, RUS-79U is very flexible. It’s effective in both close and long-range combat. In addition, you can use RUS-79U to win in all game modes, such as TDM, S&D, Frontline, and Domination. 

Cod Mobile Rus 79u Aks 74u
CoD Mobile RUS-79U (AKS-74U)


AK is a strong assault rifle gun with a high firing rate and high damage despite its low stats. It’s most effective in close combat. It will definitely help you win in close shooting battles if you shoot properly. Besides, you can also use AK117 for medium and long-range if your aiming and firing skills are good enough. This powerful AR gun is an ideal choice for S&D game mode. 

Call Of Duty Ak117
Call Of Duty: Mobile AK117

DL Q33

Another strong gun in Call of Duty Mobile is a sniper rifle gun with super high damage. With DL Q33, you can make one kill one hit with a full set of attachments. Without attachments, this gun still causes great damage to the enemies due to high bullet penetration. This is a wonderful gun for sniper players in this shooting game. 

Dl Q33 In Cod Mobile
DL Q33 In CoD Mobile


The next weapon in this list is HBRa3, which has a high firing rate, high damage, and very low recoil. But you have to pay to play this powerful AR gun. If you don’t know where to spend your money in Call of Duty: Mobile, it would be a great investment. 

Hbra3 Stats
Hbra3 Stats


The final name in this list is another AR gun with a low firing rate but high damage. Significantly, KN-44 is the most effective in long-range combat due to low recoil and great accuracy. In addition, you can use this gun in any mode and map. But it’s most effective in Domination mode. 

Kn 44 Stats
KN-44 Stats