Call of Duty: Mobile was released on October 1 last year and it has blown all the battle royale fans away with its new gameplay. Some people even thought that the game can replace PUBG Mobile as the most popular battle royale in India. However, with the lack of a competitive scene, it is hard to keep things up as pro players are a very important part to build up a community for Call of Duty: Mobile. The game needs tournaments for pro players to heat up the scene.

Call Of Duty Mobile 100 Million Downloads
Call of Duty: Mobile had a succesful launch

It has been almost half of a year now since the launch of Call of Duty: Mobile and finally, there is a sign that the developer is building an esports scene for the game.

Call of Duty Mobile Championship Leak

In some recent leaks on the test servers of Call of Duty: Mobile, Matt Rutledge, Complexity’s Mobile Gaming Director, has revealed a screenshot of the upcoming tournament, the Call of Duty: Mobile Championship 2020.

The tournament will have 3 stages, Open Qualifiers, Regional playoffs, and CODM Championship.

Codm Championship

The schedule of the tournament is also stated clearly in the picture.

  • Solo: April 3 to April 26
  • Team Up: May 1 to May 10
  • Regional Qualifier: May 17 to May 31
  • Regional Playoffs: June to August
  • CODM Championship 2020: TBA

More details will be revealed further in the future on the social media of Call of Duty: Mobile.

Indian organizations are gathering their own team for the tournament

With a proper competitive scene, Call of Duty: Mobile can become much bigger than it is now and many organizations in Indian don't want to miss this opportunity.

One of the first organizations is SynerGE. They have completed their rosters with the following players:

  1. Moonscape
  2. Argon
  3. Exo
  4. Spidey
  5. Superfan

Two other organizations Marcos Gaming and Team IND, who are known for their PUBG Mobile teams, are also stepping into Call of Duty: Mobile with their own teams.