Season 6 of Call of Duty Mobile is finally out - with a unique Wild West theme dubbed 'Once Upon a Time in Rust'. The all-time favorite map Rust was added into the game, along with a host of new weapons, battle royale class, operator skill, and more. In this article, we would tell you everything about the newest update of CoD Mobile's sixth season.

Codm S6r Saloon

Overall, Tencent's strategy for Call of Duty Mobile is to create as many new game modes as possible, each with a unique twist compared to the usual "capture the flag" or "deathmatch". This might be the correct approach that can separate the game's player base from PUBG Mobile and maximize the growth potential of both titles.

First, let's talk about the two new maps that were added. Rust is the first one - the classic desert oil outpost in Modern Warfare 2. It would come with a brand new event called Rust the Dust. The other map is called Saloon - specifically designed for the new 1vs1 Duel mode. This map definitely took inspirations from the Wild West and its mano-a-mano gunfights. A 1vs1 duel match would last for 3 rounds, with each rounds being first to seven kills. Won 2/3 and you would win the match. There's also Capture the Gold, in which you would have to carry around a pot of gold and protect it. The last mode is Kill Confirmed - Deathmatch with a twist of picking up dog tags.

An event called Gold Rush would be added later on in the season. In this game mode, players would have to collect gold bars then exchange it for unique event rewards. The last prize would be an Epic Gun. Gold Bars can be extracted in both Battle Royale and Kill Confirmed modes. A new 'Poltergeist' class would be added to Call of Duty Battle Royale - these guys are going to be pretty OP, with their ability to turn invisible.

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