Tencent and Activision have been trying to develop Call of Duty: Mobile in a separate direction so that it would not conflict with their other top shooter game, PUBG Mobile, too much. Kill Confirmed is the newest mode to be added to Call of Duty: Mobile in the latest season 6 patch. It would be available for everyone to play at the beginning of May.

Codm S6r Killconfirmed
Pick up dog tags after kills to get points

Overall, the Kill Confirmed mode is nearly identical to Team Deathmatch - with one important difference: players would drop a dog tag upon getting killed. For the kill to register, the other team would have to run over the dog tag to pick it up to confirm the kill. Only by doing that would you be able to earn points towards the threshold for winning. A Kill can be denied if teammates of the person who was killed run over and pick up the tag.

Call Of Duty Mobile Update New Rust Map Kill Confi
The legendary Rust map would be a part of this update

This is a 5 vs 5 mode, and the first team that reaches 40 points would win the match. The time limit of Kill Confirmed is 10 minutes - after it expires, the team with higher points would be the winner. Kill confirmed would be available on the following maps: Meltdown, Takeoff, Cage, Summit, Raid, Crash, Standoff, and Rust. While there isn't an exact release date yet, Activision has confirmed that it would be introduced very soon as a limited-time feature. An event would come with this mode as well in order to encourage players to try.

Cod Mobile Season 6
The season 6 patch would come with a lot of new costumes

Overall, due to the nature of having to pick up a tag after a kill, sniping would be pretty ineffective in Kill Confirmed. In order to win in this mode, you and your team must be able to beat enemies in close combat - the best method to do that is to stick together and try to kill multiple enemies at the same time so that they would not be able to pick up the dropped tags.

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