The Season 3 of the PMPL Season 3 has brought teams from the SEA and South Asia region together for a more intensive showdown for the $1500 weekly prize pool. SEA is known to be one of the strongest PUBG Mobile regions in the world with teams such as RRQ Athena and Bigetron RA. Everyone expected that this will be a great opportunity for teams from two regions to fight and learn about each other before the real tournament. But it seems that it didn't go well between them.

Full Team Bigetron Pubg Mobile 2 Nv6a
Bigetron RA was the champion of the PMCO Fall Split 2019

Recently in a scrim match, when Bigetron RA was encountering Indian teams, one of their members, Luxxy called Indian players 'stream sniping dogs' on his live stream on Facebook. This incident, of course, enraged many Indian pro players and many of them have voiced their opinions about this matter including 8bit Thug and TSM Entity Jonathan.

Thug posted on his Instagram, saying that PUBG Mobile in India has grown a lot and they are totally capable to take down other teams. It was their hard work that earned them everything.

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Thug expresses his thought about the incident

Jonathan responded to Bigetron RA with an Instagram video of him alone killing all their members in one game.

The video got a lot of support from Indian fans and also the saltiness from Biogetron RA fans as well. A guy even threatens Indian teams not to make Biogetron RA angry or they will only focus Indian teams in the tournament and stop them from going further. The comment is so serious that it is not sure he is joking or not. Indian PUBG Mobile teams will be a big threat to other teams and nothing is going to change it.


The first week of the PMPL Scrims season 3 has ended with a close result between Bigetron RA and Fnatic. Bigetron RA is the winner with 155 points in total, followed by Fnatic with 150 points. TSM Entity is in third place with 138 points.

Hindi Pmpl Scrims S3 Day 3 B Vs C Pubg Mobile Pro
Bigetron RA won the first week of the PMPL Scrims 2020 Season 3

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