CS:GO Berlin Major 2019 has delivered some of the most breathtaking moments in CS:GO. 16 teams have put on a good show in the highest level of CS:GO tournament.

Berlin Major 2019 01
8 teams continue to the champion stage, 8 teams retain challengers status

The Legend Stage has just concluded with 8 teams continuing their journey. MIBR, FaZe, and NiP is missing out the big stage this year. The 3 CS:GO giants have declined significantly in form, losing to the upcoming teams like mousesports, CR4ZY, and AVANGAR.

Berlin Major 2019 03
GeT_RiGhT got emotional after crashing out 0-3

It is understandable since the old Legends have been through so many problems this year. MIBR lost their star player Coldzera and played with their coach. Meanwhile, FaZe lost their IGL karrigan and fielded another mid-ranged IGL NEO. Even NiP had to play with a stand-in, Golden.

The Legend Stage has witnessed some of the most hyped matches with unimaginable comebacks. Under the pressure of the Major, some teams faltered and couldn’t keep up with their opponent. In the highest level of competitive CS:GO, winning or losing is just a matter of second. We had the chance to witness some of the most emotional moments throughout the tournament.

2 5-time overtimes

In the match Astralis versus NRG on the third day, both teams managed to reach the 5th overtime. There were also many nail-biting situations from both sides to bring the game to such length.

A massive ACE from CeRq kept NRG alive and shooting.

NRG eventually emerged victorious with a scoreline of 31-28. What a great showing from both teams.

One day later, Astralis and CR4ZY have officially broken the record for the longest game in the history of Major with a 60-round game. Here on Dust2, the two teams traded back and forth with ~40 kills for each player. There were so many crucial moments where one mistake could have led to an early end.

ottoNd pulled off a massive 1v2 clutch to keep CR4ZY alive.

After going full 5 overtimes, CR4ZY got the better and ended the game at 31-29.

Double overtimes – Liquid vs. mousesports

The #1 team in the world fought a hard battle for their last ticket to the main event. Liquid and mousesports both entered the 2-2 pool on the last day. It was a do or die for both sides as it was the last ticket to the play-offs. The match kicked off on Mirage where Liquid had an impressive start with 9 rounds as Terrorist. Things seemed to be the end for mousesports when Liquid extended the lead to an overwhelming 14-7.

However, an all-fired up mousesports refused to give up. Woxic and karrigan shined just in time to bring the game to overtime. However, Liquid proved they were #1 in the world for a reason. Mousesports accepted defeat in overtime with 17-19.

Berlin Major 2019 04
It was so close, yet so far away

The next map on Dust2 would come to 2 overtimes. However, mousesports would once again lose 20-22. It was so unfortunate for mousesports to face against the best team in the world. If their opponent were some other team, mousesports could have stood a chance of making it to the Champion Stage.

The missed opportunity

Alongside their compatriots, G2 came into the tournament in strong form. However, the kennyS and co. could not make it pass AVANGAR and Renegades, leaving Vitality as the last hope for the French.

Berlin Major 2019 05
G2 couldn't make it to the Champion Stage

FaZe was one of the established names in the Legend Stage. However, they seemed to have run out of ideas when going against CR4ZY and Renegades. The team had a good start into the tournament but crashed out following 3 consecutive losses.

However, the rest is history. 8 most worthy teams have made it to the Champion Stage.

Berlin Major 2019 07
StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 Play-offs will be interesting with the Liquid - Astralis matchup

The Champion Stage will take place on September 05. Tune in for more of the highest level of Counter-Strike.