PUBG Mobile is having millions of players playing the game every day. But even players who have run for thousands of miles on Erangel to get into the safe zone are not aware of many important facts about the circle in PUBG Mobile. Information such as the damage of the circle or the total number of circles in a match is very simple and yet little players know about it or are able to tell the exact answer. Let's dive down into our article and we will show you everything you need to know about the circle in PUBG Mobile.

Circle damage chart of PUBG Mobile

There is a total of 8 circles in PUBG Mobile. Each circle's diameter is about half as small as the previous circle. Finally, the circle will shrink until there is nothing left.

Circle 1-4: The first four circles deal very little damage so you can easily heal up with Bandages and revive your teammates.

Circle 5: This circle deals from 1-3 damage per second based on your distance to the safe zone. If you are far away then only First Aid Kit and Med Kit can heal you more than the health you lose. It is also impossible to revive a teammate when you are far away since they will die anyway before they can use any healing item. But if you are only a few hundred meters away, your down teammate can still survive.

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Don't bother to revive your teammate in the Blue Zone in Circle 6

Circle 6: Circle 6 deals 5 damage per second, making it impossible to revive a player in the Blue Zone. So unless your teammate can get in the circle, leave them behind. First Aid Kit can still be able to heal you but you need to use it when you are around 40 HP. In other words, you have 6 seconds to run when you are at 75 health. You can count the damage tick on your health bar instead of counting seconds.

Circle 7: Circle 7 deals 7 damage per second. You need to be able to take 42 damage to finish using a First Aid Kit. That means you have 4 seconds to run when you are at 75 health.

The circle will eventually shrink down to nothing

Circle 8: You won't be able to see this circle for most of the time unless the circle ends in a city area or on the sea. You will take 11 damage per second in the blue zone. While there is no timer, this circle will start moving after 3 minutes and shrink down to nothing. The only way to survive in the blue zone is to constantly spam First Aid Kit and wait for other players to die or kill them in less than 6 seconds, taking the example from the most popular video of MortaL.

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