Founder and Managing Director of NODWIN Gaming Akshat Rathee, 40 is not only positive but looks confident about developing the gaming industry in India. After the successful second edition of DreamHack in New Delhi, Akshat Rathee is all set to leave footprints across the globe. Expanding in the Middle East and South Africa, NODWIN Gaming has become a multi-national company. In an exclusive conversation with Gurugamer Correspondent Imran Fazal, Akshat Rathee defines the scope of the gaming industry in India. Read excerpts...


What do you think about the future of Esports in India? 

I have invested in the gaming industry, so I will always speak positively about it. But honestly speaking, look at the way 3-4 years back gaming was at a very naive stage. But now when we look at the scenario even the Indian government is interested in Esports. We recently had a healthy discussion with the sports minister. So we are looking forward to huge development in the field of Esports in the next few years.


NODWIN Gaming has been termed as a mega revenue entity with 300 percent growth. How do you feel about it?

It's all about hard work. When we started there was very little business but now we are growing consistently. We made people realize that we are a cool and fun product. We are working closely with the Indian gaming community. We are working and organizing various tournaments in India which have become major Esport tournaments in India.

Akshat Rathee

As you said, the Indian government is drawing its attention towards Esports. Any positive developmental talks with the government?

An Esport facility is in the anvil but it will be a privately led entity. The government will support it to grow and certain regulations will be set. A line will be drawn between skill and gambling based gaming. Esports like Counter-Strike, PUBG Mobile, and Call of Duty, etc are skill-based. Unlike Poker, Rummy and Teen Patti which are more like gambling based but are defined as games.

A line has to be drawn between gaming and gambling. Teen Patti like applications cannot be gaming. We have written and spoken to government authorities including IT Ministry, Sports Ministry, and Commerce Ministry. We want the government to define gaming, betting, gambling, and Esports. There should be clarity from the government.

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Being a father, will you recommend your daughter to take esports as a profession? 

Why not, look at the way US Army recruits often recruits personnel by seeing strong gaming skills. It involves your flexibility, response time and strategies. The same goes for the Chinese army, they actively select gamers. So there is a complete difference between a gamer and an esports player.

An esports player will learn from scratch even the basic aspect of a particular game. A gamer will play for entertainment or for relaxing break. When we see young people growing in this field. It is safe to recommend esports for kids. My daughter is five years old and she loves playing almost every game that I play with her.


Does Akshat Rathee think there should be censorship on streamers who indulge in using profanities while streaming?  

Currently, the government has a censorship module for cinemas. But it does not regulate online content. I think the government should come out with rules and regulations pertaining to digital platforms. If streamers are abusing online, that is because there is no government framework that could stop them.

Coming upon the moral responsibility of streamers to not abuse and create family content, it's their choice if they want to continue such an attitude online. In the end it comes to the value system of families. Living in a democratic country gives that particular streamer to abuse but personally I do not feel that abusive language should be used for entertainment.