The biggest PUBG Mobile tournament in the world ended a week ago, with Bigetron RA getting the title and most of the prize pool. For the India teams in the tournament, Entity, and Soul, it was an exciting journey, with every team trying their hardest to get as high as possible. In this competition, we have seen quite a few players mature and coming into the spotlight.

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The PMCO winning lineup of Entity Gaming. Aman has left, however.

The top 5 best players in this tournament are Zuxxy and Luxxy from BTR, TES Eagle, Entity Jonathan, and Megaonline24. Newer players seem to be the stars of this tournament, as Zuxxy and Luxxy are both under 18. The same thing also happens in the Indian scene, as the older players like Mortal, Viper, and Ghatak did not perform really well, whereas Jonathan, Neyooo, Regaltos, and ClutchGod were actually carrying the game.

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Jonathan is #4 at 6k damage, 1k more than the player above him

Entity Jonathan’s real name is Amaral. He currently plays in the Assaulter position as past of PUBG Mobile squad of Entity Gaming. The guy joined Entity in 2019, as part of its first lineup. He has been a part of Entity playing in all stages of PMCO and Vodafone 5G Mobile Open. During PMCO, Entity got the fifth place with sixty-seven kills. Jonathan covered about forty percent of those, with a total score of 28. He was the only Indian player to get into the MVP board ever.

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Entity gaming is ready

His best play in the tournament is probably on the first day of the final, as he and Neyooo doing a 2vs4 against Orange Esports and wipe them all out easily. This event has catapulted Jonathan’s name in the esports scene of India. The guy would have a bright future in this business, with many organizations competing for his signature.

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