Recently, PUBG’s developers have been testing a new additional feature to spice up the usual Battle Royale formula. Before this, a lot of players usually just camp in the middle of the safe zone and not engage unless enemies get into their line of fire.

Bluehole 1600x585
There would be two blue zones instead of one

In a recent post from the official blog, the developers said that players would not be able to camp in the same place to the end of the map anymore, as a second blue zone would be added inside the existing one. The new inner zone would be relocated constantly – it would work as an indicator of the next circle and a camping deterrent.

The usual map would be like this

Aptly named the “Bluehole mode”, the team has been working on the second circle for a while. It would be in the same size and in the same position as the next safe zone – any players who are inside it would get damaged similarly to the normal phase of Blue Zone. Previously, the location of the next circle was hidden to players, so whoever it is inside the next circle has more chances to win. As the location of the upcoming circle was not revealed, it is common that players would be fighting the Zone more than their enemies – they would have to constantly move the entire game. Currently, testing for this mode is restricted inside PUBG Labs, and it is unknown if this would be released into the public servers anytime soon.

You can access this mode in PUBG Labs

Furthermore, the developers are also working on a clan system on the PC version as well. The system was released last year on the Mobile version of PUBG to great success. Based on a trustworthy source of data miners, there are details hidden in the game files that hints about this upcoming feature. Interested in more of our PUBG related posts? Please check out this article for the best way to rule Sanhok.