Sega has just confirmed that Vanquish and Bayonetta, two of Platinum Games’ best action titles, are getting the remaster treatment. The two games would be remastered for the current generation of consoles, with supports for 60 fps and 4K resolution.

They would be released to the consoles in a Bundle called “10th Anniversary”. Both the games and the bundle would be released on February 18 next year. Individually, each game would cost $25, with the bundle cutting the price down from $50 to $40. There would be an art book included in the bundle.

You can call Bayonetta a female version of Dante - their styles are a bit different, however.

Bayonetta was released in Japan 10 years ago – it was directed by Hideki Kamiya of Devil May Cry fame. The game later came to the rest of the world in Jan 2010. Originally a console exclusive, it was later ported to various systems like Wii U, Switch and PC. The story of Bayonetta would put you in the shoes of the eponymous Umbra Witch who was awakened after 500 years of slumber. In the course of the game, she would use all the weapons in her arsenal, including the ones that were made from her magical hair, to defeat her foes and find out more about her past.

Vanquish is more action than FPS

Vanquish was directed by Shinji Mikami, the one behind most Resident Evil games. It was released originally on consoles and ported to PC much later. In this game, you would be defending a space colony named Providence as Sam Gideon, an elite agent. Prowling the hostile base occupied by enemy forces, Sam would have to make use of the Blade, a weapon/armor hybrid.

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