Riverbond has been available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One for around six months now, and has been positively welcomed by gamers for its vivid blocky visuals and intriguing co-op gameplay. And to bring this success to further platforms, the developer Cococucumber will release Riverbond for Switch as well.

The developer Cococucumber is very excited to announce this release. And to celebrate this announcement, it has given PC, PS4 and Xbox One players some good news: they'll receive a free update that includes a Spelunky Guy crossover skin as well as a new world.

Below is the trailer for the Switch launch of Riverbond, which you can have a small peek:

Overview of Riverbond

Riverbond takes the settings of a fantasy universe, including Eight Worlds (Nine Worlds now after this update) that takes inspirations from the fan-adored indie games such as Bastion, Guacamelee!, Shovel Knight and the newest one - Spelunky.

Riverbond Switch Launch December 1
Riverbond has 9 characters from 9 beloved indie games

However, the evil boss - The Knight has captured all 8 leaders of these worlds, bringing chaos, droughts and many other disasters to the universe. Hence, it all relies on you and your friends to defeat the wicked one and bringing peace back to the vibrant citizens of Riverbond.

Gameplay features

Like many games with the heroic concept, in Riverbond, you'll take control over a hero embarks on a journey that a hero needs to: fulfill the quest by fighting a lot of vibrant enemies, huge bosses and wreck everything into small cubes. The bosses might be too big for you, so you'll have your trusty friends fighting by your side.

Riverbond Switch Launch December 3
Defeat the giant boss to return peace to the worlds

There are Nine Worlds from 9 famous indie games, which means you can meet a total of 9 playable characters. Choosing any from those nine, you will unravel this beautiful blocky world, collects weapons and new outfits, and use them to "shoot and slash" your way to the bosses in style.

Even better, as you can enjoy this experience both solo or couch co-op. Riverbond features very handy multiplayer mechanics, allowing other players to hop in and hop out at every time they want without having to pause the game or start again. It's not good when your friends drop you in the middle of the fight, but it's not a problem with your prowess either.

Riverbond Switch Launch December 5
Riverbond supports both single-player and up to 4 players co-op

The environments in this game are partially destructible, which you can enjoy slashing down a whole giant tower with your sword. The combats in this game are eye-popping with the bosses that are as huge as a room and can blow an attack that's wide as the entire world. Fortunately, the character control and weapons are very responsive, allowing you to dodge those attacks with skills!

Riverbond Switch Launch December 6
The maps in this game are very vibrant!

Release date

Riverbond is coming for Nintendo Switch on December 10, and you can grab it at the price of $24.99. This version already contains the new update at the beginning, and you won't have to worry about missing one world and one hero for your adventure.

With this release, Riverbond totally supports 4 platforms, including PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.