It feels like an eternity ago that Foursaken Media revealed Block Fortress: Empires, the newest and biggest addition to its super popular Block Fortress series, but it was actually just about a year and a half ago, in September 2017. Still, when it comes to waiting for a new Foursaken title, time seems to somehow move slower.

The visual style of Block Fortress: Empires is very similar to Minecraft

The last time we had an update about the development Empires was in August 2018 when Foursaken was looking for beta testers, and since then the studio would pop up from times to times to let fans know it was still working hard on the game.

Well, all that was like 8 months ago, but today it seems like Block Fortress: Empires has reached yet another major milestone as Foursaken has announced that it is now seeking to recruit even more beta testers for the game. First things first, let’s check out its brand new trailer!

According to Foursaken, Block Fortress: Empires is its “most ambitious game yet," and given its previous titles, that’s saying something, so it’s understandable that the developer would need more time to get the game right. The launch window is expected to be about 2 months from now, but nothing is set in stone just yet. Depending on how the beta goes, things might still be subjected to change.

Block Fortress
The game is probably just around the corner!

In any case, the important part is that Empires is very close to completion now. Foursaken currently needs about 1000 testers on both Android and iOS, so if you’re interested in participating, you can look for it on Testflight if you are an iOS user, or check it out on Google Play if you own an Android device.

Of course, we’ll be keeping a close eye on Block Fortress: Empires and will keep you updated as soon as there is more information.