Riot Games, the developer behind League of Legends is planning on a new title with Hypixel, a studio which it puts money into. This is also the creator of Hytale, an RPG with a block-like design.

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A picture of Hytale

Hypixel is known for its Hypixel Minecraft, also the largest server for Minecraft in the world. Debuted in 2013, it was created by Philippe Touchette and Simon Collins-Laflamme. The studio that has the same name was founded 3 years ago when the company decided to make their own games.

Collins-Laflamme expressed his gratitude for Riot Games in assisting the company in founding the studio in a statement. He said that he received not only financial aid, but the experience and insight Riot Games had to make Hytale as good a game as possible.

Hytale is a role-playing game that features both multiplayer, open-world exploration, and not to mention a mode that allows players to make their own characters and worlds in the way they like. This mode is what reminds players of Minecraft, the game that brings fame to its company.

Hytale - Announcement Trailer

The partnership was initiated in 2016 when Hypixel sought advice from Riot on how to set up a studio and mod another existing game. Riot obviously had plenty of experience to share as it had successfully created League of Legends, a mod of Warcraft III and a successor to DotA.

Dylan Jadeja, Riot Games’s president, expressed his confidence in this collaboration by saying that Riot Games had absolute trust in Hypixel and Hytale.

A few months ago, a co-founder of Riot Games told jokes about making a role-playing game and with the current situation, it turns out that the seemingly funny story is a serious idea. However, instead of making it an internal product, the company realizes the vision in the form of investment.

There has been no official releasing date to count on so far, but you can sign up for its beta on Hytale’s website.