Metal Slug is among the most classic franchises in the run-and-gun genre. Originally released in 1996 for PlayStation and Arcade, this is one of those games that many players grew up playing. Since then, it has made its way to many other platforms including PC, PS4 and Xbox One and has seen numerous spinoffs. Some of the older entries in the franchise is also currently available on mobile as well. And now, the game’s creator SNK has licensed the Metal Slug brand to ekkorr, a mobile game studio, to make a brand new game, this one titled Metal Slug Infinity.

Metal Slug Infinity Official Trailer

This upcoming game is going to feature all of the familiar heroes that we know and love from the original games. Tarma, Marco, Fio, and Eri are all going to be present, and of course, the signature Metal Slug tanks are also rolling into the battlefield as well. It wouldn’t have been a Metal Slug game otherwise.

That said, even though Infinity is still going to deliver the nostalgic side-scrolling action feeling, it is not exactly a run-and-gun title. Developer ekkorr previously found success on the Play Store through Endless Frontier Saga 2, an idle RPG, so the upcoming Metal Slug Infinity is also going to be an idle game.

Metal Slug Infinity Banner
All of the old heroes are going to be there

That means the majority of the gameplay will revolve around simple tap controls, through which players can build their own personal army to fight action-packed battles for them. Your units will automatically jump into chaotic fights and press on until the very end, and you can spend coins picked up from fallen enemies to upgrade them.

Metal Slug Infinity 2
The game is going to be an idle touch-based game

In term of visuals, Metal Slug Infinity uses a simple art style that makes everything look just a little bit cuter while still preserving the charms of the classics. The heroes all look just as sharp as you remember!

Metal Slug Infinity is coming next week on the 16th of April. Pre-registration for the game is also available on Google Play and the App Store as well.