The most annoying thing when living with other friends in your house is no one will touch the chores, ever! If you're stuck in the same situation, where you'll have to do all the cleaning, cooking and washing every day, invite your friends to try Out of Space!

This game will put you and your friends in a completely new home in the space, which you'll have to join hands to protect your beloved place. It might not change the fact that they will never touch household chores anyway, but at least you'll have fun with your friends and forget about your disappointment.

Nevertheless, below is the trailer for the game's Early Access launch, which you can watch to see how quirky it is:

The concept of Out of Space

Out of Space takes place at the space, where you'll step into the shoes of an alien - landing on your new home on an abandoned spaceship. Your objectives here is very simple: just keep your house safe and sound, and make this spaceship sustainable and cozy as your home.

Out Of Space Early Access 7
Become the weirdest aliens to build their new home!

To be more specific, each round, each time you enter the game, you and your friends will land on a randomly generated spaceship, with random problems that you'll have to deal with. From there, you and your friends will have to join hands to clean the house and adding necessary stuff for normal daily life.

For example, you'll have to clean the house first until it's completely free from alien's sticky goos and trash. This progress is so painful, as the goos are everywhere, and you don't have any better tools than a mop and water. Adding more pain to the progress, your friends will push this task to your hands while taking a nap!

Out Of Space Early Access 3
Cleaning the alien goos is a true pain!

After that, you'll need to reuse those goos and transform its into energy to operate the spaceship. And alien needs to eat, too, so you'll need to build your kitchen, your gardens for food sources, and other modern households as well. Now, this is a good news: you can buy some cleaning machine that will help you keep the house neat later on.

Out Of Space Early Access 5
Buy a cleaning machine to help you, but be mindful of your money!

Last but not least, you can adopt a pet, either a Cat or a Dog. And they're not just for petting, but they'll also help you with everything you do as well. Much more useful than someone else out there!

Other fun stuff

Above are just the main things you'll have to do with every match, but each time you dive into the game, there will be different challenges as well.

The missions in Out of Space vary in many kinds, but it never too far away from triggering you and your friends while cooperatively work on missions. Expect a lot of shouting and bumping and quarrels while couch-playing with your housemates!

Out Of Space Early Access 1
The missions in this game are very frantic, but have a lot of fun at the same time!

The more objectives you complete, the more stars you can get, which will open new content in the future. You can try them online, local or even solo if you can't stand your pals, but what's the fun either! The non-violent gameplay of this game is a huge plus, especially when 'someone' important has been blaming video games for real-life violence!

Out now for Steam Early Access

Out of Space is now available for PC and Mac via Steam Early Access now. However, this version feels quite complete, and it's the only way to try the game before its official launch.

Out Of Space Early Access 6
Out of Space is now available on Steam Early Access

If you're interested in this game, you can grab it at the price of $12.99 for the early access and being able to upgrade to the full version for free in the future.