Dropping the trend of making games for everyone, the developer 10 Chambers Collective - a group of 9 independent creators under the lead of former PAYDAY game designer - is introducing GTFO - a multiplayer co-op PvE shooter. The game was revealed back in 2018 and gained a lot of notice from the gaming community.

And now, 10 Chambers Collective is showing how good they've been doing with the game through this 8-minute gameplay demo. You can see what's interesting with this game in the developer playthrough video below:

About GTFO

The developer 10 Chambers Collective aims to release GTFO for the veteran gamers, and they think that their targets don't need a useless cinematic trailer. They've stated that those cinematic trailers are good for nothing but looking stylish, and don't give any information about the gameplay.

Gtfo New Developer Playthrough 1 5c01_wm
Instead of a cinematic trailer, GTFO has an 8-minute long playthrough!

Hence, with GTFO, they've released a long playthrough with them as the players to satisfy gamers. However, this kind of teaser lacks the story's elements, and people interested won't find their targets in this game. So we're here, with the summary on what will happen in this game for you:

GTFO tells you the story of four scavengers - forced to head to a mysterious underground basement called the Complex. Their mission down here is to locate and take the valuable artifacts namely "Hydrostasis Unit", and get the f- out.

Gtfo New Developer Playthrough 6 0cd4_wm
Head down to the underground facility to find the mysterious artifacts

However, if it's that easy, then it's not going to be a story. Instead, there are a lot of terrifying monsters lurking in the darkest corner of the Complex, always ready to jump out and eat the members alive! Hence, the crew must stay together, collecting weapons and other necessities to survive through the monsters' attacks.

Throughout their journey, they'll finally unveil the answer for the mystery behind their past, and the only way to get out of this facility.

Gameplay features

In GTFO, you and 3 friends of you will step into the nightmarish Complex in order to reach the artefact's location and get out safely. And when I say safely, I mean not dead. The developer has stated that this game will be extremely difficult, and will be most suitable for experienced gamers. Well, games used to be very hard back in the days, so it's not a problem for me.

Gtfo New Developer Playthrough 2 63ff_wm
GTFO has a very high difficulty level

The special thing about GTFO is that it requires you to work in tandem with your teammates. Together, you'll have to explore the hostile environments in the facility while fending off the creepy monsters that will strike at the most unexpected moments. You'll need a clear plan, and your team needs to work with you to be able to get through as the whole pack.

Hence, communication is very crucial. Separate from your team and shoot the monsters on your own will never work. Instead, you'll have to be a real team member, following the strategy, and explore new areas with a lot of care. "Work together or die together" - that's what the developer is aiming at with this game.

Gtfo New Developer Playthrough 5 A7a3_wm
Work together, or the whole crew will die with you

Speaking about the gameplay, 4 players will have to ẽplore the Complex, looting items to upgrade their gears, and shoot increasingly strong monsters together. From the trailer, we know that there will be several puzzles that need all the members to join hands to solve, but it will be quite light.

With the eerie atmosphere added with the hollowing music from Simon Viklund, GTFO is a perfect game to grind with your friends!

Gtfo New Developer Playthrough 4 E35c_wm
GTFO is a perfect choice for the Halloween night

Out now for Steam Early Access

Make it in time for Halloween, the developer 10 Chambers Collective has released the Early Access version GTFO. You'll have to sign-up for the membership through GTFO's Discord channel, but considering what we've seen through this trailer, it's completely worth the effort.

Gtfo New Developer Playthrough 7 8184_wm
You can find the sign-up button on the game's official site

GTFO will launch at an unknown date in 2019, and you can add it to your Wishlist for the latest notification on its full release.