Not so generous of giving away free game forever every week like Epic Games Store, Steam still knows how to attract newbie hunters. Mostly every weekend, we have a free game to play on Valve's storefront. And this time, it's Deep Rock Galactic - a co-op sci-fi first-person shooter!

Ready to take your dwarfs to the underground battles? Here's the trailer of this game, which you can give it a look while waiting for the download to complete:

Special features of Deep Rock Galactic

As I have mentioned, Deep Rock Galactic is a co-op FPS which consists of unique elements from Left 4 Dead and Minecraft. In this game, you and 3 other friends will control 4 dwarves, work in tandem to explore the cave under the ground.

Deep Rock Galactic Is Free To Play This Weekend On
Deep Rock Galactic is the mixture of Left 4 Dead and Minecraft

Your mission is to hunt for valuable resources, so you'll have to dig down, explore and fight against hordes of enemies that stand in your way. Since you're working as a team, you'll have to choose from 4 classes responsible for distinctive tasks.

They include the Gunner - unleashing heavy firepower to mow down the enemies, the Scout - checking the areas ahead and deploying light to the caves, the Driller - dig down the massive caves full of solid rocks, and the Engineer - supporting your team by constructing defensive structures and turrets.

Deep Rock Galactic Is Free To Play This Weekend On
Every dwarf has his own role!

The cave network in Deep Rock Galactic is procedurally-generated, which means there are no two similar adventures down the rock. Additionally, the developer has announced that 100% of the environment in this game is destructible, so you can freely make your own route down in those caves.

Deep Rock Galactic Is Free To Play This Weekend On
You can choose your own adventure path, but be careful with your choices

That's the Minecraft's flavor, what about Left 4 Dead? Well, the alien monsters down there are changing over time as well, which will give you experience and more equipment to dig deeper. They include flamethrowers, Gatling guns, portable platform launchers, and many more.

Deep Rock Galactic Is Free To Play This Weekend On
You can modify your weapons through upgrades

Last but not least, the monsters don't come only one-by-one at a time but in whole packs, which will put your shooting skills to the real test. Thus, deliver the best out of your role is mandatory in order to survive.

Free to play on Steam this weekend

The developer Ghost Ship Games and publisher Coffee Stain Publishing is letting players enjoy Deep Rock Galactic for free this weekend. Right this moment, you can head to its Steam page, hit the "Play game" button, and start drilling down the caves. It only stays there until September 16, so you'd better be quick!

However, after September 15 ends, if you're really into this game, you can purchase it with 35% less money. Deep Rock Galactic is originally $29.99, but until September 19, you can purchase the game with only $19.49 - saving more than $10!

Deep Rock Galactic Is Free To Play This Weekend On
The game is free to play on Steam until September 15 ends

There's also a bundle including the soundtrack collection and an item upgrade under sale, which you can check its Steam page to see for yourself. Hopefully, you enjoy your weekend pleasure playing this game.