September seems like a good month for horror games. We can name some recent titles, including the successful debut of The Dark Picture Anthology: Man of Medan and the eerie forest of Blair Witch. Now, Sucscorched Studios is also jumping on this bandwagon with its latest title: Negative Atmosphere!

It's bringing the horror to the outer space, requiring the player to survive in a plagued spaceship. Here's the gameplay trailer, which shows a possible death that you will very likely have to face:

The story of Negative Atmosphere

Negative Atmosphere takes place on a huge cargo and haulage spaceship named TRH Rusanov. A mysterious plague has taken over the ship, making it a hell-like landscape. The sickness has made everything malfunctioning, including machiné, robot and even the people - which soon turn into mutant creatures.

Negative Atmosphere A New Sci Fi Horror Game Relea
The atmosphere on this ship is horrifyingly brutal!

Amidst the chaos is a 49-year-old Canadian man - Samuel Edwards. He used to be a members of the combat medic from the Canadian Space Pioneers crew, whose past of working for a campaign service was quite nasty. Stepping into his shoes, you'll have to crawl through this hostile and isolated ship while staying alive. To survive, he'll have to control his limited resources usage and ammo.

Negative Atmosphere A New Sci Fi Horror Game Relea
Think before you shoot, because you don't have unlimited ammo

The only thing that you can rely on is your two hands, so you can't afford to miss it. Or else, your chance of living is very null!

Special gameplay features

Negative Atmosphere aims to provide players the best horror experience as possible. Using Unreal Engine 4, the visuals and physics in this game are going to be very detailed.

Negative Atmosphere A New Sci Fi Horror Game Relea
Negative Atmosphere is made based on Unreal Engine 4

Furthermore, unlike other horror titles, this game features combats with fluid control. At least you don't have to opt from the only option - running. However, as I've said, you only have a limited amount of bullets, so make the best out of them.

If not necessary, you should avoid encountering with those mutant creatures. Running away from them while avoiding environmental dangers will lead you to the final destination. Last but not least, as you facing more and more horrifying stuff, your mental state will become worse, and you'll start to see visual hallucinations.

Negative Atmosphere A New Sci Fi Horror Game Relea
Your mental state matters in Negative Atmosphere!

Sunscorched Studios - the developer of Negative Atmosphere - hasn't planned on any specific release date of the game yet. However, they've announced that they're aiming to release a demo before 2019 ends, so we won't have to wait long to set abroad.