Decorating and renovating a new house is a very difficult task that doesn't allow you to have any mistakes. However, they are someone else's houses, so why would I care! Tools Up! is calling you and your friends to the most hectic renovation tours ever. It's a new multiplayer co-op game from the developer The Knights of Unity and the publisher All in! Games.

Tools Up! is bringing the vibes of Overcooked! and Tool Time to PC and Consoles at some times this year, and below is the official trailer of the game.

The concept of Tools Up!

The families in Tools Up! has left their beloved house to you, and it's time to make them beautiful! You'll take control of the ragdoll-like staff of a house renovating company, bringing your paint pots and new furniture to the house to make the owners feel good about their family!

Tools Up Will Spill Paint Everywhere Over Your New
You are the best staff in the house renovating company!

The game's concept is quite simple: you'll have to race against time and decorating rooms in the house as fast as possible. However, the tasks that you need to complete will make you hit the roof! Recolor the walls, lay some mats and rearrange the furniture in the houses - there are tons of missions in each round that you won't be able to finish easy. The more objectives you can fulfill, the more stars you'll get to unlock more challenging levels.

Tools Up Will Spill Paint Everywhere Over Your New
Painting each room with a different color is a great idea!

If that's not terrible enough, the environment in this game will be your worst enemy. There are water racks, lava trails (I don't know who wants lava running in their house) and even sloppy iced floor, they'll make your route toward objectives much harder than you've thought. But since no one dies, just try walking on lava for yourself!

Tools Up Will Spill Paint Everywhere Over Your New
Avoid the lava, or else you'll burn your leg and slow down

And it's not a frantic co-op game without actual quarrels. Throwing cans of paint onto your friends' heads, closing the door at their face, or simply just throwing them into the rooms - that's only the start! This chaos will never stop until the blueprints holder can actually make a good plan and give orders to the members.

Tools Up Will Spill Paint Everywhere Over Your New
Only the one with the blueprint can change the camera angle

Furthermore, the ones with the blueprint are the only ones who can change the camera angle, so if you can't stand those stupid orders, just kick them down and steal the blueprints from them. With simple control but tons of fun stuff to do, you will never recognize that you've crushed the entire house in the progress!

Tools Up Will Spill Paint Everywhere Over Your New
I don't want you to be the leader anymore!

Release date and supported platforms

Tools Up! doesn't have any specific release date yet. However, we don't have to wait for too long either, since the publisher All in! Games has promised that it will come out in Q4 2019. There's only one month left until we reach 2020, and that's also the longest period that we'll have to wait.

Tools Up Will Spill Paint Everywhere Over Your New
Tools Up! is coming for PC and consoles very soon!

At launch, Tools Up will support PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.