Bossa Studios - the 'harebrains' that have made Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread - is releasing three demos for their three upcoming games. They are Trash Bandit, I Am Fish and the most outstanding one - Pigeon Simulator.

Pigeon Simulator has come to limelight back in July and has stolen the heart of gamers with its annoying but funny pigeon, and you can finally try it for yourself now! Below is the trailer for the release of those three prototypes, and you can see it below:

About Pigeon Simulator

Remember Untitled Goose Game, where you'll play as the sassiest goose ever and steal stuff just to make humans go crazy? If you've enjoyed it, you'll probably enjoy Pigeon Simulator as well. In this game, you and your friends can step onto the wings of the symbol of pieces, and pulling the most annoying tricks on humans.

Pigeon Simulator Trash Bandits I Am Fish Free Demo
Controlling a pigeon flying around the city and poops on humans!

To be more specific, you'll play as a pigeon, doing your daily job of pooping everywhere. Whether it's a computer, a pavement or on the head of people, it's all the place you want to mark your smelly appearance with your arsenal of bird poo. Furthermore, if you're feeling good, you can make them even more raging.

Pigeon Simulator Trash Bandits I Am Fish Free Demo
You can throw things at humans, or just throw the humans themselves!

With the wankiest physics, you can pull off some airstrikes by throwing a toy car onto their faces, breaking some glasses or even pick them up and throw them everywhere you want. They might have big brains, but they can't do something against your bird brains anyway! If they do, you'll explode their whole cars and never look back!

Pigeon Simulator Trash Bandits I Am Fish Free Demo
Cool birds never look back!

About Trash Bandits and I Am Fish

The most dangerous creatures in the sky have struck, and now, it's the time for the ones that live on the land and under the sea! Trash Bandit follows a gang of foxes on their truck to steal valuable trash from humans.

Pigeon Simulator Trash Bandits I Am Fish Free Demo
Trash Bandit is a time-race about the foxes gang filling up their truck with trash

While this act is profitable for humans, the foxy bandits have done it in the craziest ways you could have imagined. Throwing boxes everywhere until they get to the cabin, riding the truck like Dominic in Fast and Furious series, and hit the vehicles on the road like .. a truck! Hah! Trash Bandits might be the craziest frantic multiplayer game you can get!

Pigeon Simulator Trash Bandits I Am Fish Free Demo
Cars need to be trashed, too!

But before getting to the top of the industry, they'll have to face I Am Fish first. It's the spiritual successor but I Am Bread, but this time, you'll not flipping bread around. You'll take on the role of a goldfish in her fragile ball of water, trying to go back to the sea.

Pigeon Simulator Trash Bandits I Am Fish Free Demo
I Am Fish is a puzzle game

Fish can't live without water, so if you hit yourself with a bunch of traps and tribulations on your way, you'll have to have to start again. The game is seriously very difficult but addictive, and you won't recognize yourself rolling through the nights.

Pigeon Simulator Trash Bandits I Am Fish Free Demo
Be careful not to break your water ball

Free prototypes available

The developer Bossa Studios has too many ideas to work with but an insufficient amount of time. And since it doesn't know what to prioritize, they are asking you for advice.

All three prototypes of Pigeon Simulator, Trash Bandits and I Am Fish are available for free download on Bossa Studios' website now. And after trying all three games yourself, the developer will ask you which ones you like the most and want them to fully develop it. Once it has gathered enough answers, Bossa Studios will start making their products one followed by the others.

Pigeon Simulator Trash Bandits I Am Fish Free Demo
You'll choose which game  the developer will focus on the first

These demos are only available until 28th November, so you have to be hurry to have enough time trying all three games. Enjoy!