If managing a small fish tank like Biotope is far from enough for your desire, Megaquarium will help you fulfill it. It's the brand new aquarium management simulator that's coming for PlayStation 4.

To mark this announcement, the developers Auroch Digital and Twice Circled have released a gameplay trailer. You can see what you can build and do in this game through the video below:

What's special about Megaquarium

Simulator games come in many shapes and sizes, each portraying a small part of our real life. For example, you can run your own hospital with Two Point Hospital, make your prehistorical park in Parkasaurus, or date your 2D girlfriends through an anime dating sim namely LovePlus Every.

Parkasaurus Cares About Building A Park Of Dinosau
Parkasaurus lets you build your own park with many colorful prehistorical creatures

And if you're really into the aqua ecosystem and its species, Megaquarium is the perfect one for you. The game is already available for PC and Mac in 2018, and after a year, the aquarium managing simulator is coming for PS4. In this game, you can decide which species you want to put in your tank, how you decorate your aquarium, and who you want to hire to please the customers.

Managing Your Own Aquarium In Megaquarium Coming F
Megaquarium lets you decide everything you want in your aquarium

The game provides you a tool to freely realize your imagination with two play modes. The first one is the sandbox mode, which you can enjoy the game without worrying too much about the customers' experience. It's a great game mode to try if you want to relieve some stress or sketching your new idea.

However, if you want to challenge your management prowess, head to the campaign mode. In here, you will have to care for a lot of things to keep your aquarium running, and running well.

Managing Your Own Aquarium In Megaquarium Coming F
The campaign mode is more stressing than the sandbox mode

First of all, you'll have to choose from merely 100 species of fish to exhibit in your aquarium. According to the developer, 90% of those species are existing in real aquariums, which means you can have some look of it on Google before deciding.

Managing Your Own Aquarium In Megaquarium Coming F
Less than 100 species of fish will appear in this game

And to remind you, all your fish needs proper conditions to live, so you'll have to hire some staff to take care of them. It includes upgrading filters, larger tanks, more foods, etc. The developer has taken results from scientific researches to portray these features, so your fish is very close to real life's fish.

Managing Your Own Aquarium In Megaquarium Coming F
Each person has their own advantages and disadvantages, so think carefully before hiring them

Release date

Megaquarium is bringing the aquatic ecosystem to your PlayStation 4 on October 18. PC and Mac users can already play the game at the moment through Steam at the price of $24.99.