Abusing animals in natural parks is now the pressing issues right now, as people are paying more and more attention to animals' right. Hence, the developer Washbear Studio wants to amplify this message about protecting the animals through their upcoming management sim - Parkasaurus.

It's a colorful title about making a wonderful park for the prehistoric reptiles. Here's the trailer of the game from one year ago, which you can admire:

The story of Parkasaurus

Usually, a management simulation game will not have a very intriguing story, but Parkasaurus is an exception. The story starts as some aliens have visited Earth and drop their gift - a dinosaur egg. They want to create a brand new kind of park that only consist of the prehistoric animal.

Parkasaurus Cares About Building A Park Of Dinosau
Aliens have dropped Dinosaurs on Earth!

This start will later lead to an ideal ecosystem for the dinosaurs to live and grow happily, as well as an amazing park for the human to enjoy their extraordinary trips. How the park will develop into is lying on your hands, as you'll decide how the dinosaur park will be when the egg was hatched and welcomed to this beautiful world.

About its gameplay

Parkasaurus takes the inspiration from the Zoo Tycoon game, especially a popular spin-off expansion that brings dinosaurs to the game. Parkasaurus does bring the beauty of Zoo Tycoon and other games in the same genre, but the prehistoric animals are providing somethings extraordinary to the game.

Parkasaurus Cares About Building A Park Of Dinosau
Parkasaurus takes the inspiration from Zoo Tycoon and other games in the same genre

In general, Parkasaurus requires the player to design and build their own exhibition to surprise the visitors while maintaining the happiness of the Dinosaurs. Taking place in a vibrant modernized 3D graphics, players will start with the empty park. To get the dinosaurs in, you'll have to build fences first to separate different kinds of Dinos. And yes, they're dinosaurs, so some might break your stuff and attack the guests, so you'd better keep an eye on them.

Parkasaurus Cares About Building A Park Of Dinosau
Build fences to keep the dinosaurs in place

After that, you'll have to make the ideal ecosystem for them to strive - adding mountains, grass or lakes to the suitable fences. There are more than 24 dinosaur species for you to unlock and bring to your park, each has its own requirements for the living needs. Furthermore, the developer has revealed that they will add more species to the game through future expansion as well.

Parkasaurus Cares About Building A Park Of Dinosau
More dinos will come through expansion in the future

However, it's only the starts, as you'll have to build some functional locations to attract the tourist. For example, you'll have to build places scattering in the park for visitors to have a rest and eat, or some vending machines to sell beverages. There are over 80 buildable things for you to enrich the visitor's experience. After all, building a multi-functional park is definitely vital to make your guests want to visit again and again.

Parkasaurus Cares About Building A Park Of Dinosau
Manage your income while seeing the trend of the visitors

Last but not least, as the dinosaurs are the irreplacable part of your park, you'd better not let them unhappy. As a result, you'll have to hire employees and assign them with various tasks, including caring for the dinos. According to the developer, there is 4 employees type, each is capable of doing certain jobs. Another thing to remember is that the Dinos will stop bonding with the guests and run away from them if they are tired, so you'll have to watch out for this detail.

Parkasaurus Cares About Building A Park Of Dinosau
Hire employees to take care of the dinos

Unique visuals

Other simulators usually follow the realistic approach, in which they portray the dinosaurs with the traditional brown and grey colors - the ones that are very familiar in movies and other media.

However, Parkasaurus takes a much more vibrant approach, as they deliver the dinosaurs in bright colors, all shapes and sizes. The developer wants to breatk the typical concept of people about the prehistoric animals, and the art of the game completely fits their idea.

Parkasaurus Cares About Building A Park Of Dinosau
The dinosaurs in this game come in every size and shape!

Parkasaurus is already available for PC on Steam now. However, it's just the Early Access version, and you'll have to purchase it for $19.99.

But considering that this game's the work from just two creators, this payment is definitely worth to show some supports for them. And since we would still have to wait for a while to try it, this version is definitely worth trying.