How quickly time flies! It feels like it was just yesterday when we reported that Tropico was coming to Android, but that was already 2 weeks ago and the game is already here. That’s right, you can head over to the Google Play store to pick up this popular simulator game right now for £11.99 (Rs 860).

This Android port has been handled by Feral Interactive, the same team behind the iOS version that was released last year. We had a great time with it back then and called it “what every mobile port should be like” in our review, so you can expect the Android version to deliver the same quality.

Tropico Android Launch Trailer

In case you have not been following our coverage on Tropico, then it's a simulation game in which you become the President of a small island located somewhere in the Caribbean and have to try your best to improve the lives of your people. You'll have to provide accommodation for them, maintain a stable economy, tend to their education, health, and other needs, as well as handle lots of other stuff. Not only that, but other political parties will also rise up every now and then to try to overthrow you and seize control, so you must deal with them appropriately to uphold your control over the island.

Tropico Is Coming To Android On 5th September 2945
Build a prosperous country by taking good care of your people

If that sounds like a lot to you, rest assured. Tropico doesn't really take itself too seriously, so things are actually much simpler than it sounds. There are also several presidents that you can pick as your avatar, each offering their own unique traits and different islands to rule, so there’s plenty of content to explore here.

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There’s plenty of content to explore here

That said, the game is relatively hardware-demanding, so the developer has provided a list of compatible Android devices for players to use as a reference. The list is pretty long, but basically, if you have a Xiaomi 6 or later, a Xiaomi Pocophone F1, or any Samsung Galaxy phone of the Note/S series starting from the Note8 or S8, you should be good to go.

With this release, Tropico is now available on both Google Play and the App Store. Both versions will set you back £11.99 (Rs 860) if you want to grab it.