Feral Interactive has announced that it’s finally bringing its acclaimed construction management sim Tropico 3 to the Android platform. The port was already released for iPads and later iPhones a few months back under the name Tropico, and this recent announcement means Android users will be able to join the fun on the 5th of September. This will be a premium release with a price of $11.99 (Rs 860), which means you won’t have to worry about any ads or IAPs. Check out the trailer below:

From the trailer, we can see that all the whacky construction and management experience of Tropico are still there. You’ll get to become El Presidente to rule over Tropico, an island nation located somewhere in the Caribbean. This means you'll be tasked with managing the development of the island, and since this game uses a Cold War setting, there’s also an extensive political system in which you must maintain a balance between many factions.

Tropico Iphone
Rule your own island in Tropico

As mentioned, Tropico will arrive on Android on September 5th, allowing interested Android players to purchase it for $11.99 (Rs 860) and enjoy the full experience without being bothered by any ads or further IAPs. Needless to say, controls will be entirely touch-based to suit the nature of the mobile platform, though there's no information on whether physical controllers will be supported. Another thing to note is that this is a pretty hardware-demanding game, so you will need a relatively strong phone to play it. Basically, we’d recommend a Xiaomi Mi 6, Samsung Galaxy S8, OnePlus 5T, or other devices of similar capacity.

Tropico Rev Head
For $11.99, you'll get access to the full experience without having to worry about ads or IAPs


And just to make it clear since the naming scheme for Tropico mobile is pretty confusing, what we’re getting is the third entry in the series. We loved the iOS version of Tropico during our review a few months ago, so hopefully Feral Interactive will deliver the same quality with this Android port.