Bakery Simulator will let you experience everything a baker is supposed to do. From renting a place, installing equipment, learning many different recipes to finding customers and delivering.

This game will mainly focus on single-player mode and offer an authentic working experience in the bakery industry. The main activity you will be doing in the game is, of course, baking and trying to ship your food to customers in time. According to the developers, you will be free to manage and grow your bakery in your own way.

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Buy new machines and learn how to use them

The game takes place in a city with 10,000 citizens in a mountain region with close by towns. So the first thing you will have to decide is where should your bakery be. You need the right place that is large enough, not too expensive, with a fine position in the city. After that, you have to look up the market to find the machines you need like an oven for example. You also need to buy countertops, shelves, and tools and build fermentation chambers and a warehouse to create a perfect place for baking.

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Try to deliver your food to customers on time

Your store will need more than bread and buns to attract customers. You need many more different kinds of baked food and complete daily orders. If you found a special order such as bread sculptures, you can make extra money by baking them.

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You might find some recipes in this book useful in real-life

In order to make more money, you'll need to look for special orders, discounts and try out different ingredients. Reading the cookbook for recipes is also very helpful, and you might even use those in real-life sometimes too.

Some will win, some will lose, the most important thing is knowing how to adapt to the market to avoid going bankrupt and survive the hard times.

Bakery Simulator will come to Steam for PC in October 2019. As for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch owner, you will have to wait until 2020 to enjoy the game.