Orthrus Studios and Kasedo Games have just announced Distant Kingdoms, a fantasy world builder game. Distant Kingdoms features a huge number of mechanics with city building, social management, exploration, and adventuring. You will get to see many races other than humans like dwarves, elves, and orcs living in the same society ranging from farmers to nobles.

Into the game, your job is to manage the city wisely and ensure the well-being of all citizens who live in it. Every single people in the town is a part of the production circle so you have to take care of all their needs from Peasants to Nobles. Peasants will grow food, which is shipped to towns where people need it. Nobles will have their own army or minions that have the ability to defend the land.

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Build a city in the fantasy world

Generally, this type of game only focus on city management and producing resources. However, Distant Kingdoms aims for something even bigger than that. You can even create adventuring parties to send them out fighting fearsome monsters and exploring the world.

The game features many interesting mechanics

You also have to keep an eye on problems from inside the city such as cultural clashes because different kinds of species do not get along with each other very well. Figuring out a way so they can cooperate with others in peace is the best way to advance your city.

Every citizen will have their own role in the town

The world around you is filled with secrets, magic, and quest for you to explore. There are all kinds of mystical creature from Imps to Dragons, Wraiths and Trolls. The terrain in each area will be different and you will have to make changes to your town accordingly. The game is easy enough at first for new players while having many levels of complexity underneath for experienced players.

Distant Kingdoms will come out next year for Windows through Steam.