From Feral Interactive, we have the Tropico full premium port which has come to iPad recently. Now, fans of this island building simulator will be excited to hear that it is also coming to the smaller screens of the iPhones as well. The developer has officially confirmed the port in addition to showing off many gameplay teases and videos. Now we have the release date for the port. Take a look at the trailer of the game below:

From Feral Interactive

This time not only do we have the release date of the iPhone version which is the 30th of April, but Feral Interactive has also released the list of supported devices, as well as some in-depth gameplay footage, which you can check out below:

On more piece of good news to the users is that this Tropico version for iPhone has been very well optimized to fit the smaller devices. you will only need 3GB of free storage space and the requirements for the device is much lower than for the iPad. They will support this game for iPhone XR, iPhone XS/ XS Max, iPhone X,  iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6S/6S Plus and iPhone SE.

All about Tropico

Tropico is a builder simulation game series. But not like those typical city building games, in Tropico, you have the task of building a whole island nation. The first title in the franchise was originally released for PC back in 2001 and has been praised very highly by both players and critics. The main target in this game is to put on the shoes of the “El Presidente” (the President) of a tropical garden somewhere in the Caribbean. Your main objective in this game is to turn your poor island into a prosperous paradise.

Tropico Is Coming For Iphone From Feral Interactiv
Your main objective in this game is to turn your poor island into a prosperous paradise.

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